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What can I say?  The hand of the (communist) Party is everywhere, as is their propaganda.  It is doubtfully that many actually are influenced much now by all the signs, but the horrendous number of  political prisoners keeps protest within.


"Socialism or Death" "Socialism Forever".  The latter sign looks a bit like a tombstone for socialism. Click to see big picture (335x480 pixels; 68 KB)
It reads "We are fighting for the survival of the Homeland and the Revolution"  The socialism experiment would likely have floundered long ago if the USA had not provided an imminent danger and an excuse for failure. Click to see big picture (640x395 pixels; 85 KB)
Graffiti cartoons in Havana are popular, and allowed as long as they conform to the latest government propaganda.  They mainly attack the USA embargo. Click to see big picture (640x424 pixels; 102 KB)
This one targets the ultra right-wing US senator Jesse Helms, author of the infamous Helms-Burton Act of 1966, defining a wide-ranging economic blockade of Cuba.  It hasn't had any influence on the politics, but it certainly has made life difficult . Click to see big picture (640x334 pixels; 64 KB)
Heroic monuments are scattered about Cuba, many done with an artistic flare. Click to see big picture (640x451 pixels; 103 KB)
To the credit of the Castro regime, the memorials do not commemorate his revolution, but the war of liberation from Spain.  The USA was on the winning side in that conflict, but then declined to leave. Click to see big picture (640x383 pixels; 86 KB)
This monument is supposed to represent the raised machetes as the Cubans rose against the Spanish. Click to see big picture (640x378 pixels; 79 KB)