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Despite admirable levels of healthcare, education and the arts in Cuba, levels which are unavailable to the common people in most other Latin American countries, the economic and political stagnation here is depressing.  Many Cubans feel trapped between a failed economic system, an asinine embargo by the USA (for purely political reasons), and the threat of losing their lands to people returning from Florida waving ancient deeds.  In judging Cuba, however, it should be remembered that prior to the revolution, the island was run as sort of a joint effort between the U.S. and the mafia, under a cruel dictator named Batista, and was famous mostly for gambling and prostitution.  More recently, there was a period of major hardships following the collapse of the Soviet Union and withdrawal of its aid.

The photos presented here were taken in 1996-1997 while the author was working in the mountains in the far eastern parts of the Island.  Some things will have changed since then, but things change slowly in Cuba.  

  The photographs are divided into the following pages:
    Mountain Life
    Politics and Propaganda
    Tourism vs.Reality