abanico cockscomb flower pantropical
abata cola kola nut flower mesoamerican term
abdim's stork large bird sub saharan Africa
abeja jicote (or atarra) stingless bees Neotropics
Abelmoschus esculentus okra, flower and pods widely planted from Africa
abey tree with unusual pods Mexico, Carib. to Ecuador
abrojo spiny cactus Atacama, Mexico
abrojo puncture vine widespread from Europe
abrojo grande cockleburr weed Argentina and Chile
Abronia maritima beach plant south California, Mexico
absinthe wormwood medicinal plant widespead
Abutilon grandiflorum hairy indian mallow widespread from south Neotropics
Abutilon mauritianum medicinal shrub, flowers sub-saharan Africa
Abutilon megapotamicum flowering bush widely planted
Abutilon pictum flowering shrub now widespread
Abutilon striatum flowering shub now widespread
abyssinian roller colorful bird southern, eastern Africa
Acacia angustissima flowering tree widespread from Mesoamerica
Acacia angustissima tree, flowers widespread
Acacia cavens pods southern Cordillera
Acacia cavens tree, flower, thorns southern Cordillera
Acacia cochliacantha shrub, odd spines Mexican origen
Acacia collinsii ant protected tree Mesoamerica
Acacia cornigera ant protected tree Mesoamerica
Acacia dealbata tree, flowers mainly central Chile
Acacia drepanolobium whistling thorn (with ants) eastern Africa
Acacia farnesiana flowering tree, pods pantropical from Mesoamerica
Acacia furcatispina odd thorns, pods Bolivia, NW Argentina
Acacia mangium tangle-bean widely planted from Australia
Acacia mangium unusual tree widely planted from Australia
Acacia melanoxylon tree with odd beans widespread from Australia
acacia thorns tire-puncture experts southern Argentina
Acacia visco tree, flowers Peru to NW Argentina
acacia, boat-spine shrub, odd spines Mexican origen
acacia, bullhorn ant protected tree Mesoamerica
acacia, fern tree, flowers widespread
acacia, giant bullhorn   Panama
acacia, sweet flowering tree widespread from Mesoamerica
acacia, whiteball white flowered acacia widespread from Mesoamerica
Acaena magellanicum odd flower southern Cordillera
Acaena ovalifolia odd flower Chile, Argentina
Acaena pinnatifida burr weed Patagonia
acahual cimarron alpine bidens flower Andes, Mexico to Argentina
acai palm   Neotropics, mainly Amazon
Acalypha alopecuroidea foxtail copperleaf shrub southern U.S. to South America
Acalypha hispida chenille flower widely planted from Neotropics
Acalypha langiana medicinal bush Mexico, Guatemala
Acanthaceae botanical family central America
Acanthaceae botanical family southern Cordillera
Acanthinodera cummingii large beetle Chile
Acanthocephala sp. leaf-footed leafhopper northeastern Argentina
Acanthocereus tetragonus  cactus northern neotropics
Acantholippia seriphioides aromatic bush Patagonia
Acanthoscurria suina tarantula Argentina
Acanthostachys strobilaceae bromeliad SE Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina
acanthus family   central America
acanthus family   southern Cordillera
Acanthus ueleensis flowering shrub central and east Africa
acapulco medicinal shrub pantropical from Neotropics
Acatepec, San Francisco church complex Guerrero area, Mexico
Acaulimalva suphurea alpine herb Peru
Acca sellowiana popular fruit widespread from South America
Acca sellowiana flowers widespread from South America
acerillos plants of Adesmia genus southern Cordillera
acerola family Malpighiaceae Central America
acerosa plant type Andes
Achatina fulica gaint land snail widespread from East Africa
Achatina fulica giant snail South America from Africa
Achillea millefolium weed, pink flowers widespread
Achillea millefolium weed, flowers widespread
achiote colorful pods, flower pantropical from Neotropics
achiote, wild bush, pods Neotropics
Achmella oleraceae medicinal plant Neotropics
Achmella oppositifolia flowering marsh plant Neotropics
achucpalla giant bromalid Bolivia, Peru
achuma large cactus, flowers northwest Argentina
Achyrocline alata? small plant Peru to Argentina
Achyrocline ramosissima small plant mainly Peru
Acmella uliginosa edible daisy pantropical from South America
Acnistus arborescens flowering tree widespread from Neotropics
Aconcagua cementery   cementery for climbers Argentina
Aconcagua, Cerro highest mtn. west hemisphere Argentina
acorn woodpecker   south U.S. to Columbia
Acridotheres melanopterus white starling Bali, Java
Acrisione denticulata shrub, flowers central, south Chile
Acrocomia aculeata palm fruit Neotropics
Acromyrmex lobicornis leaf cutter ants Patagonia
Acryllium vulturinum vulturine guineafowl Ethiopia to northern Tanzania
Actias maenas moon moth Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra
Actinidiaceae kiwi family tropical Mesoamerica
Actinis macularis spotless spotted sandpiper Arctic to Colombia
Actitis maculatius spotted sandpiper Canada to Venezuela
acuja cedro amargo tree Neotropics
Ada allenii orchid Atlantic of Costa Rica, Panama
adam tree flowering ocotillo Baja Mexico
Adenocalymma comosum flowering vine widespread from Amazon
Adenocarpus decorticans silver broom shrub Morocco, Spain
Adesmia genus from pea family southern Cordillera
Adesmia argentea plant, pods north-central Chile
Adesmia argyrophylla flowering shrub north-central Chile
Adesmia bedwellii shrub, flowers coastal north-central Chile
Adesmia corymbosa flowering shrub central, south Andes
Adesmia filifolia flowering shrub north, central Chile
Adesmia guttulifera flowering shrub Patagonian Argentina
Adesmia trijuga flowering shrub Bolivia, northwest Argentina
Adesmia volckmannii thorny bush southern Argentina, Chile
Adetomeris erythrops moth caterpillar Patagonia
Adiantum capillus-veneris venus maidenhair fern very widespread
Adiantum chilense unusual fern central, southern Chile
Adiantum concinnum polished maidenhair fern Mexico to Peru
Adiantum sp. unusual fern northeastern Argentina
adormidera opium poppy widespread
Adoxaceae moschatel family tropical Mesoamerica
Adoxaceae moschatel family southern Cordillera
Aechmea angustifolia bromeliad, berries Nicaragua to Bolivia
Aechmea blanchetiana bromeliad brazil
Aechmea bracteata bromeliad south Mexico to Panama
Aechmea bromeliifolia terrestrial bromeliad Neotropics, widespread
Aechmea chantinii zebra bromeliad Venezuela to Ecuador
Aechmea distichantha terrestrial bromeliad Bolvia to southeast Brazil
Aechmea fasciata silver vase bromeliad Brazil
Aechmea gamosepala striking bromeliad SE Brazil, NE Argentina
Aechmea mariae-reginae bromeliad Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Aechmea nudicaulis bromeliad widespread
Aechmea ornata flowering bromeliad southern Brazil
Aechmea pineliana bromeliad Brazilian origin
Aechmea politii bromeliad northern South America
Aechmea pubescens bromeliad Nicaragua to Venezuela
Aechmea recurvata bright colored bromeliad Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
Aechmea retusa colorful bromeliad western Amazon basin
Aechmea setigera bromeliad neotropics
Aechmea tessmanii bromeliad mainly eastern Ecuador
Aechmea tillandsioides bromeliad neotropics
Aegathus sp. fungus beetle tropical, widespread
Aegla sp. river crab south Argentina
Aeschynanthus radicans lipstick plant Malaysia, Indonesia
Aeschynomene americana joint vetch flower pantropical from Neotropics
Aetanthus nodosus striking parasitic flower mountains, Venezuela to Peru
African dog-rose fruit east Africa
African flame tree flowering tree pantropical from east Africa
african grey parrot can mimic human speech equatorial Africa
African iris   south and east Africa
African linden flower African, widely planted
African moon moth giant swallowtail moth south and east Africa
african protea sugar bush sub-saharan Africa
African rock python largest African snake subsaharan Africa
african spoonbill large water bird southern and central Africa
African starfish plant odd flowering succulent South Africa
African violet family   southern Cordillera
Agalinis fiebrigii alpine flower Bolivia, northwest Argentina
Agaricus arvensis edible field mushroom widespread
Agastache aurantiaca hummingbird mint Mexico
Agastache mexicana medicinal mint southern Mexixo
agatha blue ringlet butterfly Amazon basin
Agathemera crassa smelly insect southern Andes
Agathemera maculafulgens smelly insect southern Andes
Agathis sp. tree trunk, resin southeast Asia
agaucate avocado pantropical from Mexico
Agave americana flowers widespread from Mexico
Agave americana flowering plant widespread from Mexico
Agave atrovirens plant, flowers mainly Mexico
Agave attenuata odd flowering plant widespread from Mexico
Agave gypsophylla gypsum agave southern Mexico
Agave latissima plant, flowers mainly Mexico
Agave potatorum mezcal agave southern Mexico
agaves plant type mainly Mexican
Agelaius phoeniceus red-wing blackbird widespread
Ageratina fastigiata flowering shrub Peru, Ecuador
Ageratina glechonophylla   flowering bush Chilean coast
Ageratina riparia spreading snakeweed Mexico, Caribbean origin
Ageratum conyzoides weedy bush, flowers widespread from southern Neotropics
Agkistrodon taylori poisonous viper northeastern Mexico
Agolychnis callidryas frog egg jelly Mexico to Colombia
Agomeris sp. unusual moth Colombian Amazon photo
agouti (aguti) rodent Chiapis to Argentina
Agraulis vanillae butterfly tropical Americas
Agraulis vanillae caterpillar unusual item U.S. to Argentina
agua azul falls southern Mexico
agua canela shore bird Canada to Chile
aguacate cimarron cactus tree Cuban endemic
aguapes water hyacinth latin american term
aguaribay pepper tree, fruit widespread
agua-rica flower central, south Chile
Aguaytia River canoe ascent Peruvian Amazon
aguila mora bird of prey south America
aguila pescador osprey very widespread
aguila viuda hawk-eagle Neotropics
aguilucho hawk, general term southern Cordillera
aguilucho de cola rojizo hawk Patagonia
aguinaldo amarillo yellow flowered vine pantropical from Neotropics
aguinaldo azul blue flowered vine northern Neotropics
Aguirre, Mina copper mine at Santiago
agujeta dowitchers Arctic to Peru
Ahaetulla mycterizans green whipsnake Thailand to Java
Aiphanes aculeata same as A. horrida  
Aiphanes duquei thorny palm Colombia highlands
Aiphanes horrida palm fruit Andes, Venezuela to Bolivia
Aiphanes horrida thorny palm Andes, Venezuela to Bolivia
air plant unusual flora widespread from Madagascar
air pollution   southern Cordillera
air roots dropped from epiphytes tropics
airmoss trailing bromeliad widespread
airplane grasshopper   Ecuador Amazon photo
Aizoaceae iceplant family southern Cordillera
Ajaja ajaja roseate spoonbill Neotropics
ajenjibre white ginger pantropical from Asia, Amazon term
aji chili Chile
ajicillo plant Chile, Peru
ajicillo flower Chile, Peru
ajonjoli sesame pantropical
akar binah strychnine plant Indo-malaysian term
alamo tree widespread
alamo plateado tree widespread
alas sangrantes redwing butterfly Neotropics
Albizia antunesiana flowering shrub Africa, equitorial latitudes
Albizia saman rain tree Neotropics
Albizia saman tree flower Neotropics
alcaparra flowering bushes southern Cordillera
alcaparro grande flowering tree Columbia, Ecuador
Alcatraz patirrojo red-footed booby pantropical seabird
Alcea rosea wild hollyhock northwest Argentina
Alcedo meninting kingfisher Indonesia, etc.
Alchemilla pectinata lady's mantle Mexico to Bolivia
alcornoque flowering tree Mexico to Peru
alecrin large tree Parguay, Brazil, north Argentina
alegria de hogar an impatiens mesoamerican term
alfalfa forage, flower widespread
alfilerillos wild geraniums widespread
algarrobo de guanaco tree, large pods northwest Argentina
algarrobo patagonica bush, flower south Argentina
algarrobo patagonica pods south Argentina
algarrobos mesquites southern Cordillera
algodon cotton, wild widespread from Neotropics
alhuelahuen alpine plant south, cental Chile
Alibertia edulis flowering tree Neotropics
aligustre glossy pivot flowers mesoamerican term
Alisma lanceolatum water weed European, widespread
Alismataceae aquatic plant famiy widespread
Alismataceae water plantain family Central America
Allamanda carthartica flowering shrub pan-tropical
Alliaceae plant family  
alligator juniper tree, berries U.S. and Mexico
Allionia incarnata flowers widespread
Alloplectus tetragonus flowering gesneriad Mesoamerica
Alloplectus weirii unusual vine South America
allthorn flowering thorn bush southern U.S., Mexico
Alma Alta Archeological Park   Costa Rica
almadraduz a prairie clover Mexican term
almizcle flowering plant central Chile
almond scented millipede with cyanide Borneo
almost Eden flowering shrub widespread from Brazil
Alnus acuminata rain forest alder Neotropics
Alocasia macrorrhiza giant taro tropical Asia
Aloe ngongensis flowering succulent Tanzania, Kenya
Aloe scobinifolia flowering succulent Somalia, etc.
Aloe speciosa large, unusual aloe South Africa
Aloe wickensii flowering succulent South Africa
Alonsoa meridionalis flowering herb widespread
Alouatta caraya black howler monkey northern Argentina, Bolvia
Alouatta palliata howler monkey Mexico to Ecuador
Aloysia citriodora lemon verbena widely planted
Aloysia gratissima aromatic bush widespread
Aloysia triphylla medicinal plant widely planted
alpaca animal southern Andes
alpaca shearing   Peru
alpine firewood   high Cordillera
alpine leafy aster   mountains, Canada to Mexico
Alpinia galanga edible ginger pan-tropical
Alpinia purpurata red ginger pan-tropical
Alpinia zerumbet shell ginger pan-tropical
Alstroemeria aurea flower south Chile and Argentina
Alstroemeria cummingiana flowers central Chilean coast
Alstroemeria exerens flower central Andes
Alstroemeria hookeri flower central Chile
Alstroemeria kingii flower north of Santiago
Alstroemeria ligtu incarnata flower central Chile
Alstroemeria ligtu ligtu flower south central Chile
Alstroemeria ligtu simsii flower central Chile
Alstroemeria pelegrina flower central coast of Chile
Alstroemeria presliana flower south central Andes
Alstroemeria pulchra flower south central Chile
Alstroemeria versicolor flower south central Andes
Alstroemeriaceae botanical family southern Cordillera
altamuz lupine southern Cordillera
Altar, Cerro   mountain near Santiago, Chile
altea aquatic melastome Neotropics
Alternantera brasiliana Brazilian joyweed now pantropical
Alternanthera porrigens plant southern Cordillera
Alternanthera pubiflora plant neotropical Andes
Altiplano    high terrain Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina
Altiplano living    
altramuz lupins mesoamerican term
amancay alstroemeria south Chile and Argentina
Amanita gemmata poisonous mushroom Canada to south Mexico
Amanita muscaria mushroom Chiloe, but widespread
Amanita rubescens mushroom widespread, Chile photo
amapola opium poppy widespread
amaranth botanical family southern Cordillera
Amaranthaceae amaranth family mesoamerica
Amaranthaceae amaranth family southern Cordillera
Amaranthus hybridus pigweed widespread from Eurasia
Amaranthus retroflexus a pigweed widespread
amargo spiny seed pod Honduras to Ecuador
Amarillo Range   southeast of Santiago
amarrabollis flowering shrub mountains Columbia, Venezuela
Amaryllidaceae plant family southern Cordillera
Amaryllis belladonna flower widespread from Sth.Africa
amathea butterfly   Panama to Argentina
Amauroderma sp. stick-end polypore pantropical genus
Amazilia amabilis hummingbird Nicaragua to Colombia
Amazilia saucerrottei hummingbird Nicaragua to Colombia
Amazilia tzacatl hummingbird south Mexico to Ecuador
Amazon burning   eastern Peru
Amazon destruction loss of forests western Amazon basin
Amazon hunting   eastern Bolivia
Amazon lily   Colombia to Peru
Amazon logging   eastern Peru
amazon milk frog   western, northern Amazon
Amazon racer two tone lizard tropical South America
Amazon River   Peru, Colombia
Amazon tree boa   Panama to Uruguay
Amazon water lily, giant   Amazon basin
Amazon whip scorpion strange arthropod Amazon region
Amazona aestiva blue-fronted parrot Bolivia to northern Argentina
Amazona auropalliata parrot Mexico to Costa Rica
Amazona autumnalis red-lored parrot mainly Central America
amazona de lomo rojo parrot northern South America
Amazona farinosa green parrot Neotropics
Amazona festiva parrot northern South America
Amazona ochrocephala parrot Panama, South America
Amazonian whipsnake   Costa Rica to Brazil
amber candelabra primrose flower southeast Asia origin
ambong-ambong tree, flower Indonesian term
Ambrosia arborescens large alpine weed Colombia to Chile
Ambrosia chamissonis plant Chilean beaches
Ambulyx clavata hawk moth Sumatra
Ameerega bilinguis Ecuador poison frog eastern Ecuador
Ameghinoa patagonica flowers central, south Argentina
Ameiva ameiva two tone lizard tropical South America
Ameiva ameiva lizard Central and South America
Ameiva festiva whiptail lizard south Mexico to Columbia
Ameiva leptophrys jungle runner lizard Costa Rica to Colombia
Amelanchier denticulata serviceberry fruit Texas to Costa Rica
American avocet   Canada to south Mexico
American coot bird Canada to Chile
American crocodile   Mexico to Peru
American darter anhinga Neotropics
american joint vetch flowering bush pantropical from Neotropics
american nightshade flowers widespread
American oil palm   Mexico to Bolivia
American oil palm   Nicaragua to Bolivia
American white pelican   north, central Americas
American wigeon duck Alaska to Panama
Ammi visnaga weed widespread
Amomyrtus meli tree flower south Chile
amor seco flowering plants widespread from neotropics
Amorphophallus sp. giant arum plants mostly from Sumatra
Amorphophallus titanum stem, seeds Sumatran origin
ampe tree fern Chilean term
amphibians   Central America
Amphilophium cynanchoides vine, flowers Peru to northwest Argentina
Amphiprion ocellaris false clown fish southeast Asia
Amphitecna latifolia flower mesoamerican coasts
Amphitecna latifolia black calabash mesoamerican coasts
ampulla giant snail South America from Africa
Amsinckia calycina small weed southern Cordillera
Amsinckia hispida small weed southern Argentina
amteco burr beggar tick southern cordillera
anacahuita tree, fruit Bolivia, northwest Argentina
Anacardiaceae cashew family central America
Anacardiaceae cashew family southern Cordillera
Anacardium occidentalis cashew flower now pantropical
Anacardium occidentalis cashew nut, fruit now pantropical
anaconda, green heaviest snake tropical South America
anaconda, yellow   amazon swamps
Anadenanthera colubrina tree, flowers northeastern Andes
Anagallis arvensis attractive weed widespread
Anagallis arvensis, blue attractive weed widespread
añagua plants of Adesmia genus southern Cordillera
anana pineapple pantropical from the Neotropics
Ananas cosmos pineapple pantropical from the Neotropics
añañuca de fuego flower Chile
añañuca del cordillera flower central Andes
añañucas flowers mainly Chile
Anarthrophyllum sp. flowering shrub southern Argentina
Anartia amathea butterfly Panama to Argentina
Anartia fatima banded peacock butterfly southern U.S. to Panama
Anartia jatrophe white peacock butterfly Neotropics
Anas acuta pintail duck widespread
Anas americana wigeon Alaska to Panama
Anas carolinensis teal Arctic to Central America
Anas flavirostris speckled teal family temperate South America
Anas georica southern ringtail South America
Anas leucophrys ringed teal east of Andes
Anas sibilatrix chiloe wigeon duck Chile, Argentina
Anathallis obovata bonnet orchid tropical South America
anatto pod for dyes widely planted
anchor plant very odd shrub Uruguay, adjacent Brazil, Argentina
ancillo flower southern Chile and Argentina
Ancohuma, Nevado   mountain Bolvia
Ancylometes bogotensis giant fishing spider Costa Rica to Argentina
andean blueberry   Andes, northern South America
andean condor large bird southern Andes
andean crested duck   high Andes
andean goose   high Andes
andean gull   southern Cordillera
andean hog-nosed skunk   southern Argentina
andean icecream bean   highlands, Columbia to Peru
andean nymph a mimulus Chile
andean raspberry plant, flowers Peru etc.
andean tea mat-herbs Patagonia
andean thyme aromatic bush Patagonia
Andeimalva chilensis mountain flower southern Chile
Andropogon bicornis indian beard grass Neotropics
Anelosimus eximus community spider web tropical South America
Anemia phyllitidis flowering fern Mexico to Brazil, Argentina
anemone fish, false   southeast Asia
Anemone magellanica andean plant south Andes, Patagonia
Anemone multifida andean plant south Andes, Patagonia
Anemopsis californica yerba mansa US, Mexico wetlands
anfiteatro cafayate rock amphitheater  Salta Province
anfiteatro cafayate music festival Salta Province
angel wing begonia   Guatemala to Panama
angel's trumpet, blue, mini flowering vine Bolivia, northwest Argentina
angel's trumpet, red large flowered shrub Colombia to Argentina, mountains
angel's trumpet, white large flowered shrub Andes, northwest South America
angel's trumpet, yellow large flowered shrub Colombia to Peru, mountains
anggrek bulan moth orchid Indonesian term
Anguloa uniflora orchid Ecuador and Peru
Anhima cornata horned screamer bird tropical South America
Anhinga anhinga odd bird Neotropics
Anhinga melanogaster oriental darter southeast Asia
ani, greater large bird Neotropics
ani, greater black bird Panama to Paraguay
ani, smooth-billed black bird Neotropics
añil indigo bush widespread from Mesoamerica
anisillo spicy piper plant neotropics
anislao alpine flower central, southern Andes
anislao del los volcanes alpine flower volcanos of the Andes
annatto seeds used to make a dye pantropical from Neotropics
Annona muricata soursop fruit now pantropical
Annonaceae custard apple family central America
annual rabbitsfoot a grass widespread
Anoda acerifolia attractive weed northern Neotropics
Anoda cristata attractive weed widespread from Mesoamerica
Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus largest parrot central and eastern South America
anole small lizard eastern Cuba
anole, blue eyed small lizard Costa Rica, Panama
anole, common ground small lizard Central America
anole, green (verde) small lizard northern Neotropics
anole, orient knight blue lizard Cuba
anole, stream small lizard Central America
Anolis smallwoodi blue lizard Cuba
anonillo heath trees mountains, Mexico to Panama
Anorrhinus galeritus hornbill Burma to Borneo
anquito squash Mesoamerican term
ant columns   Indonesia, etc.
ant nests giant, hanging Central America
ant, giant   Sumatra
antarctic hard fern hardy fern southern South America
anteater, giant   Honduras to Argentina
Antheraea larissa large moth Malaysia, Sumatra, etc.
Antheraea sp. large moth Sumatra etc.
Anthracoceros albirostris hornbill southeast Asia
Anthracothorax nigricollis hummingbird Panama, South America
Anthurium andraeanum pink flamingo lily now pantropical
Anthurium argyrostachyum aroid with odd leaves mainly Ecuador
Anthurium flexile aroid fruit Mexico to Colombia
Anthurium formosum giant aroid Costa Rica, Panama
Anthurium grubii red spadix aroid Condor Range Peru
Anthurium guayanum flowering ariod Guiana Shield
Anthurium nymphaeifolium flowering aroid northern Neotropics
Anthurium obtusifolium flowering ariod Panama
Anthurium obtusum flowering ariod most of Neotropics
Anthurium ochranthum flowering ariod Honduras to Colombia
Anthurium oxybelium large aroid Andes, Columbia to Peru
Anthurium rzedowskii flowering ariod southern Mexico
Anthurium scherzerianum flamingo lily Costa Rica, now pantropical
Anthurium watermaliense flowering aroid Costa Rica, Panama
Antiaris toxicaria poison sap tree Africa to Australia
Antigonon leptopus coral vine widespread
anton coati Arizona to Ecuador
antorcha rayada orange banded butterfly south U.S. to northeast Argentina
antpitta, ochre-breasted bird Andes
antpitta, white-bellied small bird Ecuador, Colombia
ant's nest slice   medicinal
ants, bullet   Neotropics
ants, leaf cutter   Patagonia
ants, leaf cutter   Central America
ants, weaver   Indonesia, etc.
Antuco, Volcan   volcano southern Chile
anturios anthuriums spanish name
Aonyx cinera asian river otter southeast Asia
Aotus trivirgatus night monkey western Amazon
apachite sabal palm mainly southern Mexico
Apeiba membranacea monkey pod Honduras to Bolivia
Apeiba tibourbou monkey pod Neotropics
Aphelandra aurantiaca flowering shrub Neotropics
Aphelandra lingua-bovis flowering plant Nicaragua to Colombia
Aphelandra scabra flowering plant Mexico to Venezuela
Apiaceae, Apiales carrot family southern Cordillera
Apiaceae, Apiales carros family, order Central America
Apiaceae, Apiales carrot family, order Indonesia, etc.
apio del paramo alpine herb Columbia to Peru
Apis dorsata binghami large bee Malaysia, Sumatra
Apocyanaceae dogbane family central America
Apocynaceae dogbane family southern Cordillera
Apodasmia chilensis rush like plant southern Chile
Aporocactus martianus cactus northern neotropics
Apoyo, Laguna lake Nicaragua
apple snail   from Amazon River
apricot sulphur butterflies Neotropics
Aptenia cordifolia sunrose widespread
Apterocaulus heterogama red-ass beetle southern Argentina
Apuntiagujo, Cerro   mountain southern Chile
aquacatillos quetzal food mostly central American
aquatic leech large leech Sumatra
Aquifoliaceae holly family widespread
Aquilegia skinneri mexican columbine widely planted from Mexico
Ara ararauna blue macaw Panama to Brazil
Ara chloroptera greenwing macaw Panama, South America
Ara macao scarlet macaw Mexico to the Amazon
aracari tourcan large bird Mexico to Colombia
aracari, chestnut-eared large-billed bird Ecuador to northeast Argentina
aracari, ivory-billed large billed bird western Amazon
aracari, many banded large billed bird northwest South America
Araceae arum plant family Indonesia, etc.
Araceae arum plant family Central America
Arachis pintoi pinto peanut pantropical from Brazil
Arachnis flos-aeris large orchid plant Malaysia to Java
Arachnis flos-aeris orchid flower Malaysia to Java
Araliaceae Ivy Family tropical Mesoamerica
Aramus guarauna bird Neotropics
araña del rincon dangerous spider widespread
araña del seda dorada large spider Central American term
araña errante wandering spider widespread group
araña escritora spider California to Argentina
araña pandera odd spider warm America
arapari Swatzia trees amazon term
arara jacinto hyacinth macaw Brazilian term
arasari fajado large-billed bird Ecuador to northeast Argentina
Aratinga leucophthalma white-eyed parakeet south American tropics
Araucaria araucana tree southern Chile, Argentina
Araucaria araucana seeds (nuts) southern Chile, Argentina
Araucaria araucana foliage southern Chile, Argentina
Araucariaceae botanical family southern Cordillera
Araujia seracifera vine, melon widespread
Arawak celt ceremonial ax Caribbean
araza fruit tree Neotropics from the Amazon
arbol de coral coral trees widespread
arbol de cruz flowering tree Venezuela to Ecuador
arbol de cuentas bush, fruit, flowers north-central Chile
arbol de papel paper bark tree Ecuador, Peru at altitiude
arbol de velas elongated fruit Panama
arbol loco fast growing shrub Andes, Venezuala to Ecuador
arbol machete flowering coral tree Nicaragua to Panama
arbol maravilla flowering shrub pantropical from Mesoamerica
arbol salchichon sausage tree, flower African origin
arbol turista peeling bark tree neotropics
Arbutus xalapensis Texas madrone tree southern U.S. to Costa Rica
archaeological sites   southern cone
archer fish   southeast Asia
Archibaccharis schiedeana flowering bush Mexico to Panama
Arctium minus burdock widespread
Arctocephalus australis fur seal Pacific coast
Arctostaphylos arbutoides heath tree fruit mountains, Mexico to Panama
Arctostaphylos arbutoides heath tree flowers mountains, Mexico to Panama
Arctotheca calendula attractive, invasive weed widespread from South Africa
Arcytophyllum lavarum alpine weed, flowers mountains of Costa Rica, Panama
Ardea alba great egret global distribution
Ardea cocoi large heron South America
Ardea herodias great blue heron Alaska to Colombia
Ardea modesta egret pan Asian
ardillo tree with unusual pods Mexico, Carib. to Ecuador
Ardisia compressa flowering shrub northern Neotropics
Ardisia costaricensis flowering shrub Nicaragua to Panama
Ardisia crenata coral berry bush invasive from Asia
Ardisia elliptica tree fruit India to PNG
Areca catechu betel nut palm southeast Asia
Areca vestiaria colorful palm northern Suluwesi
Arecaceae palm family tropical Mesoamerica
Arecaceae palm family Indonesia, etc.
aren sugar palm southeast Asia
Arenales, Cerro   mountain southern Chile
Arenaria lanuginosa starwort mountains, western hemisphere
Arenaria rivularia cushion plant altiplano
Arenga pinnata sugar palm southeast Asia
arete de monte mountain fuchsia Ecuador and Colombia
aretillo fuchsias mesoamerican term
Argema mimosae african moon moth south and east Africa
Argemone hunnemanni white poppy widespread
Argemone mexicana mexican prickly poppy widespread weed from Mexico
Argemone platyceras crested prickly poppy south U.S. to south Mexico
Argemone squarosa hedgehod poppy Mexico
Argemone subfusiformis prickly poppy widespread
argenita flower southern Chile
Argentina anserina weed, flower widespread
Argentine long-nosed snake   Argentina
Argentine saguaro large cactus, flowers northwest Argentina
Argentine senna flower northern Argentina, to southeast Brazil
Argia pulla a damselfly Mexico to northern South America
Argiope argentata spider California to Argentina
Argiope savignyi odd spider web Mexico to Bolivia
Argiope sp. spider with odd web Suluwesi
Argobuccinum pustulosum shells Atacama coast
Argopecten purpuratus scallops or ostion Chile
arguenitas floral type Latin America
argupo national tree of Ecuador Colombia to Peru
argus pheasant   Borneo, Sumatra, Malaysia
Argusianus argus pheasant Borneo, Sumatra, Malaysia
Argylia uspallatensis flower altiplano and Atacama
Aristeguietia salvia flowering bush central, south Chile
Aristolochia chilensis unusual vine north-central Chile
Aristolochia cordifolia heartleaf dutchmans pipe vine Panama, Colombia
Aristolochia gigantea vine, odd flower neotropical from Brazil
Aristolochia littoralis vine, odd flower Mexico to Colombia
Aristolochia pod strange device neotropical
Aristolochia ringens vine, odd flower Costa Rica to the Amazon
Aristolochiaceae botanical family central America
Aristolochiaceae botanical family southern Cordillera
Aristotelia chilensis edible tree fruit south, central Chile, Argentina
ariza flowering tree Venezuela to Ecuador
Arizaro, Salar    large salt flats NW Argentina
Arizona beggar ticks flowering plant widespead from northern Mesoamerica
Arizona wrightwort flowering shrub southern U.S. to Costa Rica
armadillos   southern Cordillera, etc.
Armatocereus godingianus large cactus Ecuador
Armatocereus matucanensis large cactus mainly Peru
Armeria maritima plants Chile and Argentina
aroids arum family plants Central America
aroids arum family plants Indonesia, etc.
aromo tree, flowers mainly central Chile
aromo pods mainly central Chile
aromo australiano tree with twisted beans Australian, Chilean name
aromo macho flowering tree, pods pantropical from Mesoamerica
arquitecta unusual alpine herb Ecuadorian mountains
Arrabidaea corallina flowering vine Neotropics
arracachillo strange alpine tree Costa Rica, Panama
Arracaria elata alpine herb Colombia to Peru
arrayan blanco edible fruit Chile, Argentina mountains
arrayan macho blue fruit south Chile and Argentina
arrayan negro peeling bark tree Costa Rica to Peru
arrayan rojo tree, bark central, southern Chile
arrayan rojo fruit central, southern Chile
arrayan rojo flower central, southern Chile
arrebenta cavalo very thorny shrub Neotropics, scattered
Arremon brunneinucha brush-finch Mexico to Peru
arrendajo de alas amarillos black and yellow bird pacific slope, Mexico and Guatemala
arrowhead vine   widespread in Neotropics
arrowhead, giant aquatic plant, flower widespread
arrowroot family botanical family central America
arsenic bush flowering shrub widespread from Mexico
arte repustre rock art southern Cordillera
Artemisia absinthium medicinal plant widespread
Arthrostemma ciliatum popular flowering vine widespread from Neotropics
artifacts Mayan, Olmec Central America
artist's conk shelf fungus widespread
Artocarpus altilis breadfruit widespread
Artocarpus camansi breadnut now widespread
Artocarpus elasticus sticky sap tree southeast Asia
Artocarpus heterophyllus jackfruit Indonesia, etc.
arum plant family Central America
arum plant family Indonesia, etc.
arum, golden yellow flowerd herb southeast Africa
Arundina bambusifolia orchid weed widespread
Arundina graminifolia orchid weed widespread
Arundinella deppeana large grass mainly Mexico, Central America
arvejilla a vetch cental, south Chile, Argentina
asado sort of a barbecue southern Cordillera
asam embang wild mango Indonesia, etc.
Ascalapha odorata witch moth Mexico to Brazil
Asclepiadaceae milkweed family southern Cordillera
Asclepias linaria odd milkweed US, Mexico
ashy-headed goose   patagonian highlands
Asian forest scorpion large scorpion southeast Asia
Asian garden lizard   southeast Asia
Asian tick trefoil flowering herb widespread from Asia
asiento de la suegra large cactus Mexico
Asparagaceae botanical family Mesoamerica
Asparagales botanical order southern Cordillera
Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco seeds northwest Argentina etc.
Asplenium cuspidatum eared spleenwort south Mexico to Argentina
Asplenium musifolium tropical spleenwort Philippines and Indonesia
Asplenium nidus birdsnest fern leaf Africa to Polynesia
Asplundia alata spaghetti flower Costa Rica to Bolivia
assassin bug bloodsucking insect Sumatra
aster family, see Asteraceae    
Asteraceae, Asterales aster family, order Indonesia, etc.
Asteraceae, cluster flowers   southern Cordillera
Asteraceae, clusters and herbs   tropical Mesoamerica
Asteraceae, daisy-like flowers   southern Cordillera
Asteraceae, dandelion-like   southern Cordillera
Asteraceae, senecio-like   southern Cordillera
Asteraceae, sunflower-like   southern Cordillera
Asteraceae, thistles and vines   southern Cordillera
Asteraceae, woody species   tropical Mesoamerica
Asteriscium chilense flower southern Chile and Argentina
Asteriscium glaucum? bluish shrub west-central Argentina
Asterogyne martiana understory palm Honduras to Colombia
Astragalus cruckshanksii alpine herb north, central Andes
Astragalus geminiflorus mat plant, flowers Ecuador paramos
Astragalus pehuenches bladder pod southern Argentina
Astragalus sp. flowering herbs Colombian mountains.
Astraptes fugerator butterfly U.S. to Argentina
Astripomoea hyoscyamoides morning glory shrub east Africa
Astrocaryum chambira chambira palm fruit Colombia to Peru
Astronium graveolens tree, bark, red wood neotropical
Asturina nitidus grey hawk widespread, western hemisphere
Astylus gayi pololo beetle Chile
Asystasia gangetica gangetica flower Asian tropics
Asystasia gangetica micrantha flower Africa, Asia
Atacama Desert   Chile and Peru
Ateles geoffroyi spider monkey Mexico to Colombia
Athene cunicularia owl southern Cordillera
Atitlan, Lago lake Guatemala
atlas beetle large insect southeast Asia
atlas moth giant moth southeast Asia
Atriplex lampa a saltbush western Argentina
Attacus atlas giant moth southeast Asia
Attalea butyracea oil palm Mexico to Bolivia
Attalea butyracea American oil palm Nicaragua to Bolivia
Attalea phalerata urucuri palm Peru to southeastern Brazil
atutemo bush, fruit, flowers north-central Chile
Aulonocara baenshi peacock cichlid fish Lake Malawi, Africa
Auricularia auricula jelly ear fungus widespread
Auricularia delicata jelly fungus widespread in tropics
Auricularia fuscosuccinea jelly ear fungus Neotropics
austral pygmy owl   Patagonia
austral thrush bird Chile, Argentina
Austrocactus patagonicus cactus, flowers patagonian Argentina
Austrocedrus chilensis tree south, central Chile, Argentina
Austrocylindropuntia exaltata cactus tree Peru
Austrocylindropuntia exaltata cactus flower Peru
Austromegabalanus psittacus giant barnacle south Chile
autillo orejudo tawny screech owl tropical South America
autograph tree poisonous fruit widespread from Neotropics
autograph tree flower widespread from Neotropics
avellanillo flower southern Chile, Argentina
avellano fruit central, south Chile, Argentina
avellano flower central, south Chile, Argentina
Avena fatua wild oat weed widespread
Averrhoa bilimbi cucumber tree, fruit mostly tropical Asia
Averrhoa carambola starfruit global tropical
aves de rapiña birds of prey southern Cordillera
Avicularia avicularia pink-toe tarantula Costa Rica to Brazil
Avicularia huriana tarantula Ecuador
avocado fruit widespread
avocado flowers widespread
avocet, American   Canada to south Mexico
Axinaea macrophylla melastoma bush Venezuela to Peru
ayatito lily Mexico
ayer hoy y mañana flowering shrub widespread from Brazil
ayocote scarlet runner bean widespread from Central America
ayote squash Mesoamerican term
ayrampu thorny cactus Altiplano
azahar autograph tree Latin American term
Azara dentata flowers south, central Chile
Azara integrifolia tree fruit southern Chile
Azara lanceolata flowers south, central Chile, Argentina
Azara serrata flowers south, central Chile
Azorella compacta mat plant Altiplano
Azorella lycopodioides mat plant south, central Chile, Argentina
Azorella monantha mat plant Andes
Azorella pedunculata mat plant paramos of Ecuador
Azorella spinosa mat plant south, central Chile
Azorella trifurcata mat plant southern Andes
azota caballo flowering tree Brazil, Paraguay, northern Argentina
aztec sweet herb herb with sweet leaves Mesoamerica
azucena del diablo flower Chile
Azufre, Volcan   volcano northern Chile
azuleja de jardin blue-gray tanager Neotropics
azulillo flower Chile
azurite copper mineral Atacama