Index for the Letter "H"

Haageocereus vesicolor unusual cactus mainly Peru
Haemadipsa picta tiger leech, waiting Sarawak
Haemadipsa picta tiger leech, feeding Borneo
Haematopus leucopodus bird Patagonia
Haematopus palliatus bird widespread
Haematoxylum brasiletto medicinal tree southern Mexico to Colombia
hairy cowpea flowering vine pantropical from the Neotropics
hairy indian mallow flowering shrub widespread from southern Neotropics
halcon peregrino falcon widespread
Halenia aquilegiella alpine herb Costa Rica, Panama
Halenia rhyacophila alpine herb Costa Rica, Panama
Haliaeetus leucogaster sea eagle India to Australia
hall of columns ruins Mitla, Mexico
Hamadryas feronia calico butterfly Neotropics
Hamelia patens flowering shrub, fruit widespread from Neotropics
hammer-head worm odd creature widespread
hammock fern colorful fern Neotropics
handcarrying oncidium orchid Honduras to Col0mbia
Handkea utriformis giant puffball mushroom widespread, photo from Chile
hand-sorting ore   northern Chile
hanging glaciers   southern Chile
hanjuang ti plant flower Indonesian term
Haplocarpha scaposa sunflower like southeast Africa
Haplopappus chrysanthemifolius plant, flower central Chile
Haplopappus foliosus plant, flower Chilean coast
Haplopappus macrocephalus plant, flower south, central Chile
hardhack weedy bush southern Chile
hardwood stump borer big black beetle southern U.S. to Panama
hardy bamboo palm   eastern Mexico
hare, European   introduced into South America
harebell botanical family southern Cordillera
harmonia tiger-wing unusual crysalis Neotropics
harmonia tiger-wing butterfly Neotropics, many subspecies
Harpia harpyja harpy eagle rare over Neotropics
harpy eagle   rare over Neotropics
harris's hawk   western hemisphere
harvestmen spider-like widespread
Havana   Cuban capital
Havana cathedral   Havana, Cuba
hawk moth, ambulyx   Sumatra
hawkbit weed Chile from Europe
hawk-eagle, black and white bird of prey Neotropics
hawk-eagle, tyrant bird of prey Mexico to northern Argentina
hawks birds of prey southern Cordillera
hawksbeard weed widespread
hawksbeard, orange weed, flower Chile from Europe
hawthorn, common fruit (haws) widespread
hawthorn, common flowers widespread
head-carry women widespread
heal all weed widespread
healing cane indigenous carving Costa Rica
heartleaf dutchman's pipe odd flowered vine Panama, Colombia
heartleaf philodendron   northern Neotropics
heath botanical family southern Cordillera
heath botanical family tropical Mesoamerica
Hebe salicifolia bush, flower southern Chile
hedge bindweed morning glory widespread
hedge mustard weed widespread
hedgehog gourd spiny melon widespread from Africa
hedgehog prickly poppy   Mexican weed
Hedychium coronarium white ginger pan-tropical
Hedychium cylindricum flowers Borneo, Sumatra
Hedychium cylindricum seed pods Borneo, Sumatra
Hedychium gardnerianum flowering plant pan-tropical
Hedyotis macrostegia (or pulchella) flowers Borneo mountians
Heisteria spruceana unusual shrub western Amazon
Helarctos malayanus sun bear Burma to Sumatra
helecho zipper finger ferns paramos, western neotropics
helechos ferns latin american term
Helenium aromaticum plant, weed widespread
Heliamorphis nutans nodding pitcher plant swamp,Venezuela, northern Brazil
Helianthus annuus sunflower widespread
Helichrysum basalticum flowering shrub southeast Africa
Helichrysum splendidum flowering shrub south, east Africa
Heliconia aemygdiana   northern South America
Heliconia bourgaeana   south Mexico to Nicaragua
Heliconia chartacea   widespread from Brazil
Heliconia collinsiana   south Mexico to Panama
Heliconia danielsiana   Costa Rica
Heliconia gloriosa   widespread from Peru
Heliconia griggsiana   Columbia, Ecuador
Heliconia hirsuta   widespread in gardens
Heliconia julianii   norther Amazon
Heliconia latispatha   widespread
Heliconia longissima   widespread from Brazil
Heliconia lozanoi   Colombia
Heliconia mariae   Guatemala to Colombia
Heliconia mincana   northeastern Colombia
Heliconia mutisiana   Colombia
Heliconia orthotricha   Colombia to Peru
Heliconia pastazae   Andes of Ecuador
Heliconia platystachys false lobster claw plant Costa Rica to Venezuela
Heliconia pogonantha   Nicaragua to Colombia
Heliconia psittacorum   widespread in gardens
Heliconia rostrata   Colombia to Bolivia
Heliconia scarlatina   Panama to Peru
Heliconia schiedeana   south Mexico, Guatemala
Heliconia schumanniana   south Colombia to Peru
Heliconia stricta   Venezuela to Peru
Heliconia vellerigera   south Colombia to Peru
Heliconia venusta   Colombian Andes
Heliconia wagneriana   Belize to Panama
heliconias unusual flowers mainly neotropical
Heliconia vellerigera   Colombia to Peru
Heliconius charithonia butterfly Mexico to Ecuador
Heliconius clysonymus butterfly Costa Rica to Ecuador
Heliconius erato petiverana postman butterfly Costa Rica, Panama
Heliconius hecale butterfly Mexico to Peru
Heliconius hecale melicerta butterfly mainly Panama
Heliconius ismenius butterfly Mexico to northern South America
Heliconius melpomene butterfly Neotropics
Heliconius melpomene aglaope butterfly Ecuador, Peru
Heliconius melpomene malleti postman butterfly Amazonian subspecies
Heliconius telesiphe butterfly andean cloud forests
helicopter   Chile
helicopter, giant   Mt. Hagen, PNG
Heliocarpus americanus flowering bush Costa Rica, Panama
Heliocarpus popayanensis flowering tree widespread in the Neotropics
Heliocarpus terebinthinaceus large leaves, spiny fruit mainly Mexico
Heliodoxa jacula hummingbird Costa Rica, Panama
Heliopsis annua aster flowered plant Mexico
Heliornis fulica sun grebe Neotropics
Heliotropium arborescens flowering bush widespread from Peru
Heliotropium curassavicum flowering plant widespread
Heliotropium indicum indian heliotrope weed Pantropical
Heliotropium stenophyllum flowering bush north-central Chile
Heliotropium steudneri white flowered herb south and eastern Africa
Heliotropium transalpinum flowering plant Neotropics, scattered
Heloderma horridum poisonous lizard Mexico, Guatemala
Helvella lacunosa elfin saddle fungus northern hemisphere
Hemichaena fruticosa flowering plant Chiapis to Costa Rica
hemiparasites partly parasitic plants southern Cordillera
hemlock, poison stems widespread
hemlock, poison flower widespread
Heniocha dyops marbled emperor moth south and east Africa
heno spanish moss Chilean term
hen's eyes coral berries invasive from Asia
Heracleum mantegazzianum hogweed southern Argentina
herb robert small weed widespread
herding lifestyle    
Herissantia crispa bladder mallow flowers pantropical from Neotropics
hermit crab, land   Southeast Asia
hermit, green hummingbird Costa Rica, Panama
heron, boat-billed unusual bird south Mexico to south Brazil
heron, capped   tropical South America
heron, great blue   Alaska to Columbia
heron, green   Canada to Panama
heron, little blue   tropical Americas
heron, tricolor   tropical Americas
herons   widespread, Southern Cordillera
Herrania purpurea monkey cocoa Nicaragua to Panama
Hesperocharis sp. butterfly Panama
Hesperomeles ferruginea rusty colored bush tropical highlands, South America
Hesperomeles obtusifolia alpine mat, berries paramos of the Neotropics
Heterocentron elegans flowering ground cover widely planted, from Africa
Heterometrus sp. giant scorpions southeast Asia
Heterophrynus batesii tailless whip scorpion Amazon region
Heteroscelus incanus bird widespread
Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree Asian plantations
Hewittia malabarica yellow morning glory Africa, Asia, Polynesia
Hexagonia hydroides dark conk fungus  
Hibiscus plant family, genus tropical Mesoamerica
Hibiscus aponeurus flowering shrub eastern Africa
Hibiscus ferox flowering bush Costa Rica to Ecuador
Hibiscus insignis flowering bush mainly Costa Rica
Hibiscus ludwigii variable weed, flower Africa
Hibiscus pernambucensis sea hibiscus neotropical coasts
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis spectacular flower widely planted
Hibiscus schizopetalus unusual flower widely planted from Africa
hibiscus, sea flowering shrub neotropical coasts
hibiscus, sleeping flowering bush widespread from Mexico
Hieracium aurantiacum weed, flower Chile from Europe
hierba aguada flowering shrub Mexico to Costa Rica
hierba alacran heliotrope bush Peru
hierba conejo flowering herb northern Neotropics
hierba de cancer medicinal shrub mainly Mexico
hierba de cancer medicinal plant widespread from Mexico
hierba de cancer medicinal bush Mexico, Guatemala
hierba de chancho weed type Chile
hierba de chivato flower style south, central Chile
hierba de clavo flower south, central Chile, Argent.
hierba de culebra a pokeweed central and South America
hierba de culebre weed type agricultural area
hierba de estrella white-top sedge neotropical marshes
hierba de hielo flower Chile, Peru
hierba de hielo unusual plant Chile, Peru
hierba de la perlillo bush, berries Argentina, Chile
hierba de lombriz plant, flower central, north Chile
hierba de mosco medicinal bush, flowers western Neotropics, Caribbean
hierba de pano mullein widespread
hierba de San Juan weed widespread
hierba de San Roberto small weed widespread
hierba de Santa Maria aster plant Andes of Ecuador, Colombia
hierba de sapo spiny shrub Mexico to Panama
hierba de susto orange flower vine pantropical from Africa
hierba de vaca andean buttercup south, central Andes
hierba de venado flowering herb southern Mexico
hierba de vida plant south, central Chile
hierba del aire flowering weed Mesoamerica
hierba del chavalongo shrub, flower Peru, northern Chile
hierba dulce flower, leaves Peru
hierba dulce aztec sweet herb Neotropics
hierba loca sprawling plants north, central Andes
hierba luisa lemon verbena widely planted
hierba mora weed widespread
hierba piñada flower Mexico to south Chile
hierba rasposa scrambling shrub Mexico to Peru
hierba rocilla small weed southern Cordillera
hierba salitre plant Norte Chico to Peru
hierba santa centain mint plants mainly Chile
hieroglyphic moth unusual markings southern U.S. to Brazil
hieroglyphs, Mayan writing form Mexico
high john the conqueror morning glory, charm mesoamerican origin
highland cultures   Papua New Guinea
higuera del zorro Jatropha fruit Peru, Bolivia, NW Argentina
higuerilla castor oil plant very widespread
higuillo de limon medicinal piper plant Neotropics
hill swallow   SE Asia, Pacific islands
Hillia triflora triple flower Nicaragua to Panama
Himantopis mexicanus stilt widespread
Hinduism   Bali
hinojo fennel widespread
Hippobroma longiflora poisonous weed pan-tropical from Caribbean
Hippocamelus antisensis animal Andes
Hippomane mancinella very poisonous tree mainly Caribbean beaches
Hiraea fagifolia flowering bush Neotropics
Hirschfeldia incana weed widespread
Hirundo tahitica swallow SE Asia, Pacific islands
Histiotus montanus big-eared bat temperate South America
hoary cress weed widespread
hoatzin very strange bird Amazon Basin
hoco tiger heron Mexico to Colombia
hocofaison curassow (bird) Mexico to Ecuador
Hoffmannia congesta plant with odd fruit Costa Rica, Panama
Hoffmannia dotae unusual flower Costa Rica
Hoffmannia nicotianifolia tree fruit south Mexico to Colombia
Hoffmann's sloth   Nicaragua to Bolivia
Hoffmannseggia doelli herb, pods, flowers northwest Argentina
Hoffmannseggia trifoliata herb, flowers Patagonia
hog-nosed skunks   widespread
hogplum oily seed fruit pantropical from Neotropics
hogvine yellow flower vine pantropical from Neotropics
hogweed, giant huge weed southern Argentina
hoja de aire airplant widespread from Madagascar
hoja de largato medicinal shrub western Mexico
hoja de murcielogo flowering tree Guatemala to Peru
Hollin Falls   Ecuador
hollowheart flowering tree widespread from Neotropics
hollyhock, wild flower northwest Argentina
holly-leaf mutisia flowering vine southern Chile, Argentina
Holmskioldia citrina odd yellow flower widely planted
Holmskioldia sanguinea odd red flower widely planted
Holocalyx balansae large tree Paraguay, Brazil, north Argentina
Holodiscus argenteus flowering bush Chiapis to Panama
holoparasites parasitic plants southern Cordillera
hombre grande flowering tree Mexico to Venezuela
homelessness   Santiago
homesteading   southern Chile
Honduran mahogany valuable tree Mexico to Bolivia
Honduran milk snake   Honduras to Costa Rica
honeycomb mushroom widepored polypore Neotropics
honeyherb aztec sweet herb Neotropics
hongo de bambu phallic fungus pantropical
hongo de bambu veiled stinkhorn pantropical
hongos fungi Latin American term
honje torch ginger pan-tropical, Indonesian term
hooded merganser water bird North American, Caribbean
Hoodia gordonii unusual succulent southwest Africa
hoof trimming for pack horse Argentina
hop clover, low sprawling plant widespread
hopseed bush   very widespread
horchata cups special carved cups central America
horehound, white plant widespread
horizonte spiny plant, pods Chile and Argentina
hormiga bala bullet ant Neotropics
hormiguero gigante giant anteater Honduras to Argentina
horn of plenty narcotic datura flower widespread
hornbill, Blyth's large bird New Guinea
hornbill, bushy-crested large bird Burma to Borneo
hornbill, oriental pied large bird southeast Asia
hornbill, Papuan, male large bird New Guinea
hornbill, red-billed large-billed bird equatorial Africa
hornbill, rhinocerus large bird Malaysia to Java
hornbill, southern ground largest hornbill southern, eastern Africa
hornbill, von Decker's large-billed bird Ethiopia to Tanzania
horned lizard   northern Central America
horned owl, magellanic   Patagonia
horned poppy weedy plant widespread from Eurasia
horned screamer large bird tropical South America
hornero, rufus national bird of Argentina Bolivia to Argentina
Hornstedtia scyphiphora odd flower Sumatra, etc.
hornworm sphinx moth caterpillar Neotropics
horse mushroom edible field mushroom widespread
horse poison poisonous weed pan-tropical
horsehair marasmius very strange fungus range poorly defined
Hoslundia opposita orange birdberry bush sub-saharan Africa
hot lips, hairless unusual flower Mexico to Ecuador
hot lips, hairy unusual flower Mexico to Brazil
hot lips, modeled    
hot peppers   pandemic from Mexico
hottentot fig coastal flower widespread
hound's tongue weed widespread
howler monkey   Mexico to Ecuador
huacapurana floating, edible seeds northern South America
huaceros grave robbers southern cone
huairavo night-heron widespread
huaje tree, flowers widespread
huala largest grebe southern South America
Huallaga River   Peru
hualtata water weed  Chilean term
huamanpinta spiny bush Peruvian mountains
huanaco Guanaco southern Coridillera
huanaco herd   southern Argentina
huanarpo macho flower Peru
huanarpo macho sprawling tree Peru
Huandoy, Nevado mountain Cordillera Blanca, Peru
huañil flowering bush widespread
Huantsan, Nevado mountain Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Huarancante, Nevado mountain southern Peru
huarango tree, flower widespread
huarango mesquite flower Columbia to Peru
huaranhuay medical plant Peru, Bolivia
Huascaran high mountain Cordillera Blanca, Peru
huasita flower type southern Cordillera
huasita, alpine plant, flower central Andes
huaso lifestyle "cowboys" Chile
huaso parade   Chile
Hudson, Volcan volcano Patagonian Chile
Hudson, volcanic ash   Patagonian Chile
hudsonian whimbrel bird widespread
hued-hued plant, flowers southern Chile, Argentina
huele de noche flowering shrub south Mexico to west Panama
huemul andina animal Andes
huesito coastal tree flower Caribbean, Central America
huevil flowering shrub central, south Chile
huevos de perro edible fruit Costa Rica to Peru
huevos de tigre spiny melon widespread from Africa
huevos del gato fruit of a shrub Nicaragua to Colombia
huicoco de Bolivia monkey eastern Bolivia, Paraguay
huille de perro flowers central, south Chile
huilli blanco flower north-central Chile
huilli de Coquimbo variable flower north-central Chile
huilli morado flower central Chile
huilli or huille flower type Chile, Argentina
huilli pijama flower north-central Chile
huilmo irises southern Cordillera
huilota mourning dove Canada to Panama
huinare false mallow weed Mexican term
huingan tree, flower mainly Chile
huingan tree, fruit mainly Chile
huique poisonous plant southern Chile
huira-huira large alpine flower paramos, Colombia to Bolivia
huiscoyol palm, fruit  Neotropics
huito genipa fruit south Mexico to north Peru
huizache acacia, flowers, pods pantropical from Mesoamerica
huli tribe   PNG highlands
huli women   PNG highlands
humboldt's night monkey nocturnal monkey western Amazon
humildito low cactus Chilean Atacama
hummingbird mint   Mexico
hummingbird, blue-chested   Nicaragua to Colombia
hummingbird, fiery-throated   Costa Rica, Panama
hummingbird, green-back fire-crown   south Chile
hummingbird, magnificent   south US to Panama
hummingbird, many spotted   Ecuador to Bolivia
hummingbird, rufous-tailed   south Mexico to Ecuador
hummingbird, sapphire-throatred   Panama, Colombia
hummingbird, steely-vented   Nicaragua to Colombia
hundred-man jalur giant racing canoe Sumatra
Hunnemannia fumarifolia flowering herb Mexican highlands origin
Hura crepitans tree, explosive pods Neotropics
hurricane palm white fruit widely planted
hyacinth macaw largest flying parrot central, eastern South America
Hyalinobatrachium chirripoi glass frog Panama, Costa Rica
Hybanthus communis one petal violet tropics of southern South America
Hybanthus sp. simple flowers Mexico
Hydnellum aurantiacum polypore fungus northern hemisphere
Hydrangea serratifolia climbing bush, flowers south, central Chile, Argentina
Hydrochoerus isthmius lesser Capybara mainly Panama
Hydrocleys nymphoides water poppy western hemisphere
Hydrocotyle callicephala tropical pennywort swamp, northeast Argentina, Brazil
Hydrocotyle ranunculoides water weed widespread
Hydrocotyle sp. low herb wet areas, widespread
Hydrocotyle umbellata marsh herb U.S. to Chile
Hydrodynastes gigas venomous snake Brazil, northern Argentina
hydrogen sulfide poisonous gas Argentina
Hydromedusa tectifera snake-necked turtle south Brazil, north Argentina
Hydrophyllaceae waterleaf family defunct
Hygrophila schulli hairy herb, flower Africa, Asia
Hylobates agilis gibbon southeast Asia
Hylobates lar gibbon Sumatra mainly
Hylocereus costaricensis epiphytic cactus Nicaragua to Panama
Hylocereus sp. dragonfruit widespread
Hylocereus undatus dragon fruit widespread from Mesoamerica
Hylocereus undatus epiphyitic cactus widespread from Mesoamerica
Hymenocallis littoralis beach flower widespread from Mesoamerica
Hymenophyllum peltatum fern widespread complex
Hymenops perspicillata bird Argentina, Chile
Hypanartia dione furry butterfly Guatemala to south Peru
Hypanartia kefersteini mapwing butterfly Mexico to Peru
Hypericaceae plant family southern Cordillera
Hypericaceae botanical family Central America
Hypericum androsaemum medicinal plant widespread
Hypericum calycinum flower widespread
Hypericum irazuense mountain flower Costa Rica, Panama
Hypericum juniperinum mountain flower Columbia, Ecuador
Hypericum laricifolium mountain flower Columbia, Ecuador
Hypericum perforatum weed widespread
Hypochaeris clarionoides weed Chile
Hypochaeris echegarayi alpine plant Peruvian Andes
Hypochaeris radicata invasive weed widespread
Hypochaeris sissiliflora alpine herb Peruvian mountains
Hypochaeris sonchoides alpine herb widespread but variable
Hypochaeris tenuifolia alpine plant southern Andes
Hypocyotus sp. stick insect eastern Brazil photo
Hypoestes forskaolii white ribbon bush sub-saharan Africa
Hypoestes phyllostachya polkadot plant Mexico, Central America
Hypoxis decumbens flower Canada to Mexico
Hypoxylon rubiginosum rusty crust fungus widespread
Hypoxylon sp. greenish crust fungus northeastern Argentina
Hypselonotus concinnus true bug Central America
Hypsiboas lanciformis rocket tree frog northwestern South America
Hypsiboas punctatus polkadot frog tropical South America
Hystrix sumatrae porcupine Sumatra