Index for the Letter "J"

jabillo sandbox tree, pods Latin American term
jaboncillo clethra mexicana tree southern Mexico to Panama
Jacana jacana swamp bird Panama to Argentina
jacaranda tree, flower widely planted
Jacaranda caucana flowering tree Panama to Venezuela
Jacaranda mimosifolia tree, flower widely planted
Jacaratia digitata thorny tree southern Amazon
Jacaratia spinosa fruit tree Neotropics
Jacaratia spinosa tropical fruit Neotropics
jackass bitters medicinal herb southern Mexico to Peru
jackfruit large fruit Indonesia, etc.
jacobin, white-necked, female hummingbird Neotropics
jacobin, white-necked, male hummingbird Neotropics
Jacquemontia pentantha flowering vine Mesoamerica
jaggery palm wine and sugar palm southeast Asia
jaggery sugar unrefined wine sugar southeast Asia
jaguar   Neotropics
jaguar metate ceremonial carving Costa Rica
jaguar, black   Neotropics
jakal bali rare bird Bali
jakal putih white starling Bali, Java
jalapa morning glory mesoamerican origin
jalapa de orizaba morning glory south Mexico, Guatemala
jali large seed cereal Indonesian term
Jaltomata sp. flowering shrub central Peru
jalur carving   central Sumatra
jalurs giant racing canoes Sumatra
Jamaica vervain tall weed, flowers pantropical from the Caribbean
Jamaican fever plant flowering mat plant widespread weed
Jamaican forget-me-not flowering shrub Mexico, Caribbean to Bolivia
jamblang java plum widespread from SE Asia
jambu air water apple widely planted
jambu kera coastal bush, fruit Indonesian name
jambu laut sea apple tree Indonesian name
jambu mawar malabar plum Indonesian name
jambul merak peacock flower Indonesian term
Jamesonia alstonii finger ferns paramos, western neotropics
jamur gajih edible mushroom Indonesian term, also in Neotropics
janda kaya flowering plant Indonesian name
Janq'uma, Nevado mountain Bolivia
Japanese cheesewood flowering bush pantropical from Japan
jararaca venomous pit viper southeastern Brazil
Jarava sp. bunch grass Argentine steppes
jarilla bush, flowers south, central Argentina
jarilla macho bush, flowers semi-arid Argentina, Chile
jasmin del campo flowering bush Argentine steppes
jasmin naranja flowering shrub south Mexico to west Panama
jasmine nightshade flowering shrub widespread from Uraguay, Brazil
Jasminum angulare fragrant flower southern African origin
jatatilla palm, fruit Bolivia, Peru, western Brazil
jatatilla palm fruit Andes, Mexico to Bolivia
jati teak fruit Indonesian name
Jatropha curcas medicinal/poisonous vine widespread from Mesoamerica
Jatropha excisa plant, flowers northwestern Argentina
Jatropha gossypiifolia poisonous shrub Neotropics
Jatropha intergerrima flowers Cuba
Jatropha macrantha tree Peru
Jatropha macrantha flower Peru
Jatropha macrocarpa fruit Peru, Bolivia, northwest Argentina
Jatropha podagrica flowering bush widespread, gardens
Jatropha urens powerful nettle Mexico to Peru
Java glorybower plant, flowers widely planted
Java plum edible fruit widespread from SE Asia
Java sparrow   Bali, Java
javalina peccary widespread
jay, brown   Central America
jayanti Egyptian riverhemp Indonesian term
jelwat fresh water fish southeast Asia
jengger ayam cockscomb flower Indonesian term
jengger ayam fireplant Indonesia etc.
jenibre hawaiana weedy ginger Latin American term
jenibre rojo red ginger Latin American term
jenipapo popular fruit south Mexico to north Peru
Jeria, Cerro mountain Chile-Argentine border
jeruk bali  a citrus fruit Indonesian term
Jesuit mission   eastern Bolivia
Jesus Christ lizard water walker south Mexico to Ecuador
jicama flowering vine tropical Americas
jicaro Mexican calabash Mexico to Costa Rica
jicaro gourd carved drinking flask Costa Rica
jiguero dorado saffron finch Panama, South America
jingapa banded thorn palm mountains, Venezuela to Ecuador
jobo medicinal tree fruit pantropical from Neotropics
jobo liso tree, yellow racemes Neotropics
job's tears large seeded grass pan tropical
jobu hogplum pantropical from Neotropics
Jodina rhombifolia bush, odd leaves northern Argentina
johar medicinal senna tree Indomalaysian term
joint-vetch, american flowering herb pantropical from the Neotropics
josmeca garlic vine flowers Mexico to Ecuador
Jovellana violacea flower southern Chile
juanpalo walking stick insect Central America
Jubaea chilensis palm central Chile
Jubaea chilensis palm fruit central Chile
juba's bush tropical weed neotropics
Julia butterflies   Cuba
julubol flowering tree Mexico to Venezuela
junco minero spiny plant most of southern Cordillera
Junea sp. wild looking butterfly from Peru-Ecuador border
Junellia erinacea a verbena central Argentine Andes
Junellia lavandulifolia a verbena Patagonia
Junellia ligustrina a verbena Patagonia
Junellia micrantha plant, flower Patagonia
Junellia scoparia a verbena south, central Chile, Argentina
Junellia selaginoides a verbena northern Chile
Junellia tridens a verbena south Chile, Argentina
jungle cat orchid   Costa Rica at altitude
jungle cucumber flowering vine south Mexico to Colombia
jungle runner lizard Costa Rica to Colombia
Juniperus communis tree, berries widespread
Juniperus deppeana juniper, berries U.S., Mexico
juno silverspot butterfly Neotropics
Junonia coenia butterfly Canada to south Mexico
jupulo seed pods Cuba
Justicia americana semi aquatic plant south US and Mexico
Justicia aurea yellow plume flower Mexico to Panama
Justicia brandegeeana shrimp plant Mexico to Honduras
Justicia brasiliana unusual plant, flowers southern Neotropics
Justicia candicans red flowering pland south US to Central America
Justicia carnea Brazilian Plume southeast Brazil, northern Argentina
Justicia fulvicoma flowering plant south Mexico to Honduras
Justicia jujuyensis flowering shrub Bolivia, northwest Argentina
Justicia leonardii orange flowers Central America
Justicia scheidweileri flowering plant eastern Brazil
Justicia secunda flowering shrub northern South America
Justicia spicigera medicinal plant south Mexico to Costa Rica
jute genus flowering bush widespread