Index for the Letter "R"

rabaniza amarilla weed widespread
rabano wild raddish widespread
rabano weed, flower widespread
rabbitsfoot grass, annual   widespread
rabo de gallo understory palm Panama to Ecuador
rabo de gato chenille plant Latin American term
rabo molle flowering tree Brazil, Paraguay, northern Argentina
racer, grey (or red) tailed snake southeast Asia
Racinaea fraseri large bromeliad Ecuador Andes
Racinaea tetrantha flowering bromeliad northern, South America
racoon, crab-eating mangrove specialist Costa Rica to Uruguay
radal enano bush, pods central, south Chile
radish, wild weed, plant widespread
radish, wild weed, flower widespread
raffia palm nut   Nicaragua to Colombia
Rafflesia pricei flower Sabah
Rafflesia pricei host, bud Sabah
Rafflesiaceae rafflesia family Malaysia, Indonesia
rafts   a variety  
rafts   Sepik River, PNG
Raices, Tunnel   southern Chile
rail, spotted small marsh bird Mexico, Caribbean to Argentina
railway creeper weedy vine very widespread
rain forest rocket frog   Costa Rica, Panama
rain frog, big-headed   upper Amazon basin
rain frog, common   Honduras to Colombia
rain tree flowers Neotropics
rain tree popular tree Neotropics
rain, tropical    
rainbow boa snake Neotropics
rainbow eucalyptus tree bark widely planted
rainbow skink lizard east Africa
rainbow-billed toucan   Mexico to Colombia
rainforest destruction   Indonesia
Ramalina celasti cartilage lichen widespread
rambling senna flowering bush Panama to Ecuador
rambusa passion flower widespread
rambusa passion fruit, leaf widespread
rambutan fruit Indonesia, etc.
Ramphastos sulfuratus toucan Mexico to Colombia
Ramphastos toco toco toucan southern Amazon
Ramphastos vitellinus channel-bill toucan tropical South America
Ramphocelus passerinii red-rumped tanager Neotropics
Ramphocelus sanguinolentus crimson-collar tanager Oaxaca to Panama
rana de casco bromeliad tree frog western Amazon
rana de lluvia frog Honduras to Colombia
rana flecha roja red frog Nicaragua to Panama
ranas frogs Central America
Ranco Lake   southern Chile
Randia monantha medicinal fruit Yucatan to Panama
ranita de cristal glass frog Costa Rica, Panama
Ranitomeya minuta small frog Panama, Colombia
Rano Kau volcanic crater Easter Island
Ranunculaceae buttercup family southern Cordillera
Ranunculus lowii alpine buttercup Sabah
Ranunculus peduncularis erodifolius andean flower south, central Andes
Ranunculus praemorsus andean buttercup paramos of South America
Ranunculus repens weed widespread
Rapa Nui   Easter Island
Raphanus sativus weed, flower widespread
Raphanus sativus weed, plant widespread
Raphia taedigera palm nut Nicaragua to Colombia
Rapistrum rugosum weed widespread
raquet-tail, booted hummingbird Venezuela to Bolivia
raran tree fruit south, central Chile
rascadorcito gorricastaño bush-finch Mexico to Peru
raspberry, Andean plant, flowers Peru etc.
rastafarian palm palm with dreadlocks Mesoamerican term
rats, as food   northern Suluwesi
rat-snake, tropical   Central America
rat-tail cactus   south Mexico
rattans climbing palms widespread
rattlepod, streaked flowering shrub widespread
rattlesnake plant unusual plant south Mexico to Peru
rattlesnake, neotropical venomous pit viper neotropics
rattlesnakes   Argentina
rattleweed, yellow flowering shrub pantropical from Africa
Raudal el Diablo rapids Rio San Juan, Nicaragua
Raukaua laetevirens tree, fruit central, southern Chile
Ravenala madagascariensis giant fan-plant pantropical from Madagascar
raya del rio stingray tropical South America
Razisea spicata flowering plant Guatemala to Colombia
razorgrass sedge mainly western hemisphere
Rebutia fiebrigii cactus, flower Bolivia, northwest Argentina
Rebutia heliosa cactus, flower Bolivian altiplano
Rebutia hoffmannii cactus, flower Bolivia, northwest Argentina
Rebutia neocumingii cactus, flower Bolivia, at altitude
recino, el castor oil plant Latin American term
recluse spider, Chilean   widespread
recreation   southern Cordillera
Recurvirostra americana avocet Canada to south Mexico
red and green macaw   Panama, South America
red angel's trumpet large flowered shrub Colombia to Argentina
red belly pacu fish Amazon basin
red belly piranha   tropical South America
red belt conk polypore shelf fungus northern hemisphere
red button opuntia cactus flower Peru, Ecuador
red cestrum flowering shrub northern Mesoamerica
red chilis   Chile
red chinchona quinine tree flowers widespread from Neotropics
red conk polypore fungus pantropical
red dahlia   Mexican highlands
red firecracker plant red flower shrub neotropical from Mexico
red fox, South American   southern Cordillera
Red Frog Beach   northwestern Panama
red ginger flowering plant pan-tropical
red hornero oven bird nest Bolivia to Argentina
red hot poker vine unusual flowers southern Neotropics
red iochroma flowering shrub Andes, northwest Sth. America
red justicia flowers US, Central America
red langur monkey Borneo, mainly
red lion fish   southeast Pacific
red mangrove flowering tree neotropical coasts
red mountain sage flowering mint south Mexican mountains
red powder puff shrub flowers widespread
red powder-puff tree flower etc. widespread
red rays flower east Africa
red renealmia flowering herb Neotropics
red squirrel, Amazon   Colombia to Brazil
red sugar from palm sap southeastern Asia
red tegu large lizzard north Argentina
red torch flowers, plants pan-tropical
red-backed hawk   widespread
red-backed sea eagle   India to Australia
red-billed hornbill large-billed bird equatorial Africa
red-crowned woodpecker   Costa Rica to Venezuela
reddish egret tall waterbird southern U.S. to Venezuela
red-edge agave flowering plant Mexico
red-eye piranha   tropical South America
red-eyed tree frog egg jelly Mexico to Colombia
red-faced dragonlet dragonfly Ecuador
red-footed booby   pantropical seabird
red-hot cat-tails chenille plant widely planted
red-lored parrot  pet trade favorite mainly Central America
red-spike orb weaver spiny spider south and east Africa
redstar morning glory U.S. and Mexico origin
red-tailed boa boa constrictor northern South America
red-tailed hawk   Arctic to Panama
red-tailed squirrel   Costa Rica to Ecuador
red-throated caracara wasp eating bird american tropics
red-wing blackbird   widespread
Regnellidium diphyllum two-leaf water fern southeastern Brazil
reina de las flores flowering tree Asian, a latin american name
Reinhardtia gracilis understory palm south Mexico to Panama
relbun flower central Chile
religion   southern Cordillera
religions   Indonesia
Renanthera bella red orchid Kinabalu, Borneo
Renealmia alpinia shrub, fruit Neotropics
Renealmia cernua flowering herb Neotropics
Renealmia floribunda shrub, flower, fruit Amazon
renilla plant group mainly Chile
reptiles   southern Cordillera
reptiles   Indonesia, etc.
repu blue fruit south Argentina, Chile
resam obnoxious fern Indonesian term
resplendent quetzal, female   Mexico to Panama
resplendent quetzal, male sacred bird Mexico to Panama
restaurants, Padang style   Indonesia
Restionaceae plant family southern Chile
retama Spanish broom widespread
retama del cerro bush, flowers, fruit north, central Chile
retama del Cordillera bush, flower south Chile, Argentina
retamo bulnesia pods northwestern Argentina
Retanilla ephedra fruit central Chile
Retanilla trinervia spiny plant central Chile
reticulated python longest snake southeast Asia
retortuño screwbean pods Peru, Chile, Argentina
reverse, egg-shaped pleurothallis orchid Caribbean to Argentina
revienta caballos poisonous herb pantropical from Caribbean
revienta caballos flower, tomatillo widespread
revienta ojos flower north-central Chile
Rhabdadenia biflora flowering vine Caribbean coasts
Rhamnaceae buckthorn family southern Cordillera
Rhamnus mucronata bush, fruit south Mexico, Guatemala
Rhaphidophora decursiva unusual aroid southeast Asia
Rhaphithamnus spinosus bush, flower south Chile, Argentina
rheas large birds Patagonia
Rhinella margaritefera crested toad northern South America
Rhinella marina giant toad now widespread
Rhinella schneideri rococo toad east Bolivia to Argentina
rhinoceros beetle Chalcosoma type southeast Asia
rhinoceros beetle Xylotrupes type widespread
rhinoceros beetle wings southeast Asia
rhinoceros beetle   Ecuador
rhinocerus hornbill large bird Malaysia to Java
Rhipidocladum sp obnoxious bamboo Neotropics
Rhipsalis baccifera epiphytic cactus Neotropics, Africa
Rhizophora mangle mangrove, flower neotropical coasts
Rhizophoraceae botanical family Central America
Rhododendron aurigeranum flowering shrub Papua New Guinea
Rhododendron buxifolium flowering shrub Sabah, mountains
Rhododendron carringtoniae flowering shrub Papua New Guinea
Rhododendron celebicum flowering shrub northern Suluwesi
Rhododendron crassifolium flowering shrub Sabah, etc.
Rhododendron ericoides flower alpine Kinabalu
Rhododendron javanicum brookeanum flowering shrub Sarawak, Sabah
Rhododendron javanicum javanicum flowering shrub Sumatra to Bali
Rhododendron lowii flowering shrub Kinabalu, subalpine
Rhododendron malayanum flowering shrub Malaysia, Indonesia
Rhododendron retivenium flowering shrub Sabah, etc.
Rhododendron rugosum flowering shrub Sabah, mountains
rhododendrons, vireya plant type southeast Asia
Rhodophiala andina flower Chile, Argentina Andes
Rhodophiala montana flower Chile, Argentina Andes
Rhodophiala phycelloides flower north-central Chile
Rhodophiala rhodolirion flower central Andes
Rhynchonycteris naso small bats Neotropics
Rhynchosia minima flowering vine neotropical
Rhynchospora colorata fancy sedge south U.S. to north Sth America
Rhynchospora nervosa ciliata beaked sedge Neotropical marshes
Rhynchostele hortensiae jungle cat orchid Costa Rica alpine
Rhyticeros plicatus hornbill New Guinea
Rhytidochrota sp. big-eyed grasshopper Colombian Amazon photo
ribbed ear unusual fungus Costa Rica
Ribes cucullatum wild currant fruit south, central Chile
ribwort weed widespread
rica-rica a verbena northern Chile, Argentina
rice   Indonesia, etc.
rice farming, ridge   northern Peru
rice field, preparaton   Chile
rice paddies   Indonesia, etc.
rice planting   Indonesia, etc.
Ricinis communis flowers widespread
Ricinis communis medicinal plant widespread
Ricinis communis pods widespread
Rigidoporus microporus orange conk fungi Ecuador
ring bite circular inflamation Sumatra
ring worm bush medicinal shrub pantropical from Neotropics
ringed kingfisher bird Texas to Patagonia
ringed teal duck east of Andes
Rio Baker    river southern Chile
Rio Biobio   river Chile
Rio Caunahue   river southen Chile
Rio Colca   river and canyon  southern Peru
Rio Futuleufu   a lovely river southern Chile
Rio Grijalva river, canyon Mexico
Rio Huallaga   river Amazonian Peru
Rio Huasco       river valley northern Chile
Rio Lluta river valley northernmost Chile
Rio Melado   river central Chile
Rio Neuquen   river southern Argentina
Rio Puelo   river southern Chile
Rio Sixoala river Panama-Costa Rica border
Rio Urubamba  Amazon tributary Peru
Rio Zorro river mouth southwest Chiloe
river crabs   south Argentina
river crossings   Indonesia, etc.
river star otterbush, flowers southern Africa
Rivers   of the Southern Cordillera
road collapse   Sumatra
road wars crashes Sumatra
roadside hawk   widespread
roadside pimpernel flowering herb eastern Africa
robin, clay-colored C.R. national bird Texas to Colombia
robin, sooty   Costa Rica, west Panama
Robinia pseudoacacia tree, flowers central Chile
Robiquetia spathulata orchid India to Java
roble de sabana pink flowered tree widespread from Neotropics
roble pellin tree, flower south, central Chile
rock nettle, red   Argentine altiplano
rock nettle, white   Argentine altiplano
rock python, African Africa's largest snake subsaharan Africa
rocker mill primitive rock mill Peru
rocket frog   Costa Rica, Panama
rocket tree frog   northwestern South America
rococo toad   east Bolivia to Argentina
rodalan plant, flower central, south Chile
rodondita butterfly NE Argentina, Paraguay
Rojasianthe superba rare tree sunflower south Mexico, Guatemala
Roldana aschenborniana flowering shrub Mexico, Guatemala
Roldana barba-johannis flowering shrub Mexico to Honduras
romarillo white flowered weed widespread
romaza dock, weed widespread
romerillo flowering bush Chile, Argentina
ron-ron tree unusual bark, red wood Neotropics
roof rack, riding   Indonesia, etc.
rooster transport    
rooster tree giant milkweed Afro-asian, now pantropical
rootbeer plant spicy plant widespread in tropics
rootspine palm thorn that turn to roots Mesoamerica
roque spiny plants Peru
Rosa canina rose widespread
rosa de muerte flowers mainly southern Mexico
Rosa minutifolia rose flower south U.S. to south Mexico
rosa monte Panama flame tree mountains, Panama to Venezuela
rosa mosqueta rose mainly Chilean name
Rosa rubiginosa sweetbriar widespread
Rosaceae rose family southern Cordillera
Rosaceae, Rosales botanical family, order Mesoamerica
Rosaceae, Rosales botanical family, order Indonesia, etc.
rose of sharon flower widespread
rose of Venezuela flowering tree Honduras to Brazil
rose tarantula   Chile
roseate spoonbill odd bird widespread
roseleaf bramble fruit, flower widespread from Asia
rose-leaf sage flowering mint Mexican mountains
roseton de paramo an alpine herb widespread but variable
Rostrhamus sociabilis snail kite widespread
rosy marasmius small, pink mushroom Neotropics, southwest Pacific
rosy-billed pochard duck Argentina, Bolivia, Chile
Rothschildia orizaba equitorialis saturnid butterfly  Ecuador
Rothschild's slipper orchid large orchid Kinabalu Park, Sabah
rough velvetseed colorful seedpods Florida to Colombia
rowan tree, fruit widespread
royal dissotis flowering shrub Africa, mainly eastern
royal palm   Caribbean to Colombia
royal python ball-forming snake west Africa
royal tern   U.S. to Argentina
Roystonea regia royal palm Caribbean to Colombia
rubber curing in water Indonesia, etc.
rubber tapping latex from trees Indonesia, etc.
rubber trees   Asian plantations
rubber vine, mangrove flowering vine Caribbean coasts
rubi plant, flower southern Cordillera
Rubiaceae coffee family tropical Mesoamerica
Rubiaceae coffee family southern Cordillera
Rubus adenotrichus red-thorn vine Mesoamerica, Ecuador
Rubus boliviensis raspberry fruit Ecuador to Argentina
Rubus fraxinifolius flower southeast Asia
Rubus glaucus plant, flower Peru
Rubus lineatus raspberry plant Asian uplands
Rubus lineatus raspberry Asian uplands
Rubus roseus red flower vine Colombia to Bolivia
Rubus rosifolius bramble, fruit widespread from Asia
Rubus trilobus bush, flower south Mexico, Guatemala
Rubus urticifolius tropical blackberry Neotropics
ruby-spotted swallowtail butterfly Texas to Argentina
ruddy duck   the Americas
ruddy ground dove (dead) Mexico to Argentina
rue, fringed, African flower widespread
Ruellia brevifolia flowering shrub highlands of tropical South America
Ruellia chartacea flowering shurb mainly amazonian
Ruellia inundata popular flower now widespread
Ruellia lactea flower south Mexico, Guatemala
Ruellia simplex flowering herb Neotropics
Ruellia tuberosa weed flower  pan-tropical
ruffle palm palm, fruit Andes, Venezuela to Bolivia
ruffle palm thorny palm  Andes, Venezuela to Bolivia
rufous motmot bird Hondurous to Brazil
rufous night heron   Indonesia, etc.
rufous piha brown bird Mexico to Ecuador
rufous-backed thrush   pacific slope of Mexico
rufous-collared sparrow   widespread
rufous-naped tamarin small primate Panama, Colombia
rufous-naped wren   southern Mexico to Costa Rica
rufous-tailed hawk   Patagonia
rufous-tailed hummingbird   south Mexico to Ecuador
rufous-vented ground cuckoo odd bird Neotropics
rufus (or red) hornero national bird of Argentina Bolivia to Argentina
ruibarbo gigante gunnera plants widespread
ruins archeological sites  
Ruiz, Nevado de stratovolcano Colombia
rumah panjang long-house Sarawak
Rumex acetosella weed widespread
Rumex longifolius northern dock widespread from Europe
Rumex obtusifolius large weed widespread
rumipanga useful herb northern South America
rum-press   eastern Cuba
Rumsfordia floribunda aster bush southern Mexico
Rungus tribal group Sabah
Rungus clothing   Sabah
Rungus dance   Sabah
run-run bird Chile, Argentina
Rupicola peruviana colorful bird Peru, Bolivia
Rupornis magnirostris hawk american tropics
Ruppell's griffin vulture highest flying bird equatorial Africa
Ruschia pulvinaris creeping iceplant south African origin
Russelia esquisetiformis coral plant pantropical from Mexico
Russelia sarmentosa red flower shrub neotropical from Mexico
Russian olive tree, flowers widespread
Russian thistle tumbleweed widespread
Russula xerampelina smelly mushroom northern hemisphere
rusty tipped page butterfly Neotropics
Ruta chalepensis flower widespread
Rutaceae citrus family central America
Rutaceae citrus family southern Cordillera
rw dog as food menus in north Suluwesi