Index for the Letter "W"

wadera unusual tree pod Nicaragua to Bolivia
Wahlenbergia linarioides flower southern Cordillera
Wahlenbergia rivularis white-flowered herb South African origin.
walking leaf insect Indonesia, etc.
walking palms   lowlands, Neotropics
walking stick colorful Ecuador
walking stick insect Central America
walking sticks insects Indonesia, etc.
wall of heads   Tiwanaku, Bolivia
wall-crab spider   Tanzania
wandering spider   widespread group
wandering spider, Brazilian venomous tropical South America
wandering tattler shore bird widespread
waranway medicinal plant Peru, Bolivia
warrior statue   Costa Rica
Warszewiczia coccinea wild poinsettia Nicaragua to Bolivia
waru laut hibiscus tree tropical coasts, Indonesian term
waruga stone sarcophagus northern Suluwesi
Washingtonia filifera large fan palm southwest U.S., Mexico
wasp galls on molle trees southern Argentina
wasp moth large insect Papua New Guinea
wasp nest, clay   northern Colombia
wasp-colored beetle   Panama
wasps, sphecid thread-waisted wasps southern Tanzania
wasps, swarm-founding building new nest  
water apple fruit Indonesia, etc.
water birds   Indonesia etc.
water buffalo land clearing Indonesia
water buffalo   widespread
water dead and awake water weed, flower widespread from northern Neotropics
water fern, two-leaf unusual pondweed southeastern Brazil
water hyacinth floating weed pan-tropical
water mimosa water weed, flower widespread from northern Neotropics
water monitor large lizard India to Indonesia
water monitor lizard skin India to Indonesia
water pennywort low herb wet areas, widespread
water plantain family botanical group Central America
water pollution   southern Cordillera
water pollution   Indonesia
water poppy aquatic flower western hemisphere
water primrose, creeping swamp herb neotropical
water primrose, Mexican swamp herb widespread
water skiing   Chilean Lake District
water spinach edible plant pan tropical
water sports   Pacific coast
watercress   very widespread
waterfalls   of the southern Cordillera
Waterleaf plant family defunct
wattled jacana swamp bird Panama to Argentina
wattled pheasant   Borneo
Watu Pinawetengan sacred stone northern Suluwesi
waves   Chilean coast
wax apple fruit Indonesia, etc.
wax mallow flowering shrub widespread
wax palms world's tallest palm Colombian highlands
wax-tail leafhopper unusual insect Ecuadorian Amazon photo
waxy laccaria mushroom widespread
waxy pescatorea orchid Costa Rica to Colombia
Wayna Potosi, Nevado mountain Bolivia
weaver ant   widespread
weaver bird   Mexico to Panama
weaver bird nests   Mexico to Panama
weaver, golden bird, spherical nest southern, eastern Africa
weaving, Iban   Sarawak
Weberbauerocereus rauhii flowering cactus southern Peru
Wedelia glauca noxious weed Bolivia, Argentina
Wedelia trilobata flower pan-tropical, coastal
weeping dahlia tree   southern Mexico origin
weeping pine tree, cones widely planted from Mexico
Weingartia hediniana cactus, flowers Bolivian altiplano
Weinmannia trichosperma tree flower southern Chile
Weinmannia trichosperma tree fruit southern Chile
Welfia regia colored leaves Honduras to Ecuador
Wendtia gracilis flower south, central Chile, Argentina
Werauhia ororiensis bromeliad Costa Rica, Panama
Werauhia pedicellata bromeliad Nicaragua to Panama
Werauhia sanguinolenta bromeliad Nicaragua to Ecuador
Werauhia werckleana bromeliad Nicaragua to Panama
Wercklea ferox flowering bush Costa Rica to Ecuador
Wercklea insignis flowering bush mainly Costa Rica
Werneria nubigena alpine flower Peru, Bolivia
Werneria pygmaea alpine mat flower southern Cordillera
west mexican chachalaca a large bird southwestern Mexico
west Peruvian dove   Peru, Chile
western hog-nosed pit viper poisonous snake Guatemala to Costa Rica
western ribbon coral snake   Peru, Bolivia, Brazil
western sandpiper   Siberia to Peru
wheat calathea important fiber plant Mexico to Ecuador
whimbrel shore bird widespread
whip-scorpion, tailless unusual arthropod Amazon region
whipsnake, Amazonian   Costa Rica to Brazil
whipsnake, big-eyed green tree snake Thailand to Java
whiptail lizard   widespread
whiptail, Central American lizard Central America
whistling thorn ant protected acacia eastern Africa
white alder flowering herb Panama, South America
white angel's trumpet large flower Colombia to Peru, mountains
white ball acacia tree, flower widespread
white banded peacock butterfly Neotropics
white belly sea eagle   India to Australia
white cedar tree, flower Caribbean origin
white cockle weed widespread
white elephant palm white fruit widely planted
white ginger flower pan-tropical
white horsenettle herb, flowers, fruit widespread weed
white ibis   Neotropics
white leadtree flowering tree widespread from Mexico, Guatemala
white leadtree weedy bush, flower widespread
white sage plant widespread
white sky vine flowering vine pantropical from Asia
white surprise white daisy southeast Africa
white teak tree flowers widely planted from Asia
white top sedge   neotropical wetlands
white trumpet vine liana flower Neotropics
white wings white leaf flowers northeast Africa origin
whiteball acacia white flower acacia widespread from Mesoamerica
white-barred emperor butterfly east Africa
white-bellied antpitta small bird Ecuador, Colombia
whitebrush flowering shrub widespread
white-capped parrot   Mexico to Panama
white-crested elaenia small bird most of South America
white-eared titi monkey   eastern Bolivia, Paraguay
white-eyed parakeet parrots South American Tropics
white-faced monkey   Honduras to Colombia
white-faced whistling-duck   widespread
white-fronted capuchin monkey mainly eastern Ecuador
white-handed gibbon monkey Sumatra, mainly
white-lined bats   Panama and South America
white-necked heron   South America
white-necked jacobin, female hummingbird Neotropics
white-necked jacobin, male hummingbird Neotropics
white-necked puffbird   Neotropics
white-nosed coati animal Arizona to Ecuador
whiteroot chewstick vine Neotropics
white-shouldered tanager  female Honduras to Brazil
white-tailed kite   widespread
white-tailed nightjar ground bird Costa Rica to Brazil
white-tailed starfrontlet hummingbird Santa Marta Range, Colombia
white-throated earth-creeper bird Peru
white-throated magpie-jay   Mexico to Costa Rica
white-tipped dove   widespread
whitetop weed widespread
white-topped sedge   neotropical marshes
white-vented plumeleteer hummingbird Colombia, Panama
white-winged dove   north and central America
whitewoolly twintips flower northwest Argentina, etc.
whitewort medicinal plant widespread
whooping motmot colorful bird range poorly defined
Wigandia caracasana flowering shrub Mexico to Venezuela
Wigandia urens pink flower nettle Mexico to Venezuela
Wigandia urens blue flower nettle Mexico to Venezuela
wigeon, chiloe duck Chile, Argentina
wigmen indigenous Papua New Guinea
wild achiote tree, pods Neotropics
wild animal fence   Sumatra
wild banyan strangler fig neotropics
wild carrot weed, seed pouch widespread
wild carrot weed, flower widespread
wild grapes tree climbing liana photo from Chile
wild guava colorful pod tree Florida to Colombia
wild hops medicinal tree widespread from Asia
wild indigo blue dye herb widespread from Mesoamerica
wild iris african iris widespread from southeast Africa
wild mango fruit Indonesia, etc.
wild oat weed grass widespread
wild pepper medicinal plant pantropical from the Neotropics
wild plane family botanical grouping Central America
wild plum oily seed fruit pantropical from Neotropics
wild poinsettia flowering bush Nicaragua to Bolivia
wild potato flower Peru
wild raddish weed flower widespread
wild raddish weed plant widespread
wild sisal fibrous plantq neotropics
wild tamarind tree with unusual pods Mexico, Carib. to Ecuador
wild turnip weed widespread
wild white petunia white flowers northern Argentina, Uruguay
wildlife conflicts   southern Cordillera
willet shore bird widespread
williams toad-head turtle   south Brazil, north Argentina
willows botanical family southern Cordillera
wind surfing   Pacific coast
windmill grass, paraguayan unusual grass Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina
windmills flowers widespread
window palm understory palm south Mexico to Panama
wine barrel wine ageing Chile
wineberry, Chilean tree fruit south, central Chile, Argentina
winnowing grain separating grain from chaff Chile
winter cassia flowering shrub Panama to Ecuador
Winteraceae botanical family southern cordillera
Winterocereus aureispinus reclining cactus, flowers Bolivia
winter's bark tree, flowers central, south Chile, Argentina
wira-wira large, hoary aster paramos, Colombia to Peru
wire-crested thorntail hummingbird Ecuador and Peru
wir-wir giant cicada Indonesia
witchcraft supplies   Sumatra
witch's butter unusual fungus widespread
Witheringia solanaceae sprawling bush, fruit Mexico to Bolivia
woad, dyer's weed flower widespread
woad, dyer's weed plant widespread
wolfberry floral genus, fruit southern Cordillera
wolffsoni's viscacha small mammal patagonian Argentina
wood chips   central Chile
wood cockroach   widespread
wood ear jelly fungus widespread
wood mushrooms   southern Chile
wood sorrel plant family southern Cordillera
wood sorrel family botanical grouping Central America
wood stork   widespread
wood stork, african   sub saharan Africa
woodcreeper, plain brown bird Honduras to Panama
woodlouse, giant found under bark Argentina-Brazil border
woodnymph, violet-crowned hummingbird Guatemala to Ecuador
woodpecker, acorn   south U.S. to Colombia
woodpecker, crimson-crested   tropical South America
woodpecker, golden-cheeked   coastal southwestern Mexico
woodpecker, lineated red crested woodpecker Neotropics
woodpecker, magellanic   Patagonia
woodpecker, red-crowned   Costa Rica to Venezuela
woodpecker, striped   Chile, adjacent Argentina
woodpecker, yellow-fronted colorful bird SE Brazil, Paraguay, NE Argentina
woodsorrel, south African flowering herb southern Africa
woolly monkey   Amazon
woolly nightshade flowering shrub widespread
woolly tarantula   Ecuador
woolly torch white-haired cactus Mexico, Central America
work ethics?   southern Cordillera
worm, hammer-head odd creature widespread
wren, mountain   neotropical Andes
wren, rufous-naped   southern Mexico to Costa Rica
wren, southern   southern South America