Index for the Letters "XYZ"

Xanthium cavanillesii cockleburr weed Argentina, Chile
Xanthium spinosum medicinal plant southern Cordillera
Xanthosoma sagittifolium large leaf aroid tropical South America
Xanthosoma undipes elephant ear aroid Costa Rica to Venezuela
Xanthropastis timais spanish moth southeast U.S. to Colombia
Xenophyllum incisum alpine shrub northwestern Argentina
Xeromphalina kauffmanii wood fungus Panama, North America
Xiphidium caeruleum understory bush neotropics
Xochicalco archeological site Morales, Mexico
Xochicalco, ball-court acheological site Morales, Mexico
Xochicalco, great temple acheological site Morales, Mexico
Xochitecatl ancient ceremonial site Tlaxcola, Mexico
Xolmis pyrope fire-eyed diucan Central, southern Chile
Xylaria cf. longipes odd black fungus photo from Amazon
Xylaria cf. polymorpha black finger fungus photo from Amazon
Xylaria hypoxylon carbon antler fungus very widespread
Xylaria sp. finger fungi Costa Rica
Xylobium elongatum orchid pods Mexico to Ecuador
Xylocopa mexicanorum carpenter bee southern Mexico
Xylophanes columbiana hawk moth Colombia
Xylophragma seemannianum flowering liana Mesoamerica
Xylosma spiculifera tree fruit Colombian highlands
Xylotheca tettensis dog-rose fruit eastern Africa
Xylotrupes gideon rhinoceros beetle widespread
yacaratia tropical fruit tree Neotropics
yacare enano dwarf caiman Amazon Basin
yacare overo snouted caiman east Bolivia to Uruguay
yagrumo macho white-barked tree Neotropics
Yagul ruins Mexico
yam masks ceremonial masks Papua New Guinea
yams plant, flower widespread
yang-yang plant type southern Cordillera
yarara grande pit viper north Argentina
yarara ñata pit viper Argentina
yareta mat plants Andes, Altiplano
yaretilla flowers altiplano
yaretilla mat plant altiplano
yarrow weed, pink flowers widespread
yarrow weed widespread
yarumo cecropias Mesoamerica
yarumo plateada white-topped tree Colombia to Peru
yautia madera large aroid Costa Rica to Venezuela
yayito flowering tree south Mexico to Colombia
yeco cormorant widespread
Yelcho Lake   southern Chile
yellow alder flowering herb pantropical from Mexico
yellow anaconda constrictor snake amazon swamps
yellow angel's trumpet large flowered shrub Colombia to Peru, mountains
yellow banded cat snake   southeast Asia
yellow burrhead marsh weed widespread
yellow dayflower   sub-saharan Africa
yellow hibiscus tree flowering tree tropical coasts
yellow horned poppy weedy plant widespread from Eurasia
yellow jacobina yellow flower Mexico to Panama
yellow rattleweed flowering bush  pantropical from Africa
yellow shrub jessamine flowering shrub south Mexico to west Panama
yellow star thistle thorny wonder widespread
yellow trumpet bush   widespread
yellow walking iris tropical irisq south Mexico to South America
yellow-bellied elaenia a flycatcher neotropical
yellow-billed pintail duck South America
yellow-crowned parrot   Panama, South America
yellow-footed tortoise   South American tropics
yellow-fronted woodpecker   SE Brazil, Paraguay, NE Argentina
yellow-headed caracara large bird Neotropics
yellow-headed gecko   northern Neotropics
yellow-headed vulture   Neotropics
yellowlegs, greater water bird western hemisphere
yellow-naped parrot   Mexico to Costa Rica
yellow-necked spurfowl bird east Africa
yellow-thighed finch   Costa Rican highlands
yellow-winged cacique black and yellow bird pacific coast, Mexico and Guatemala
yellow-winged tanager   south Mexico to Nicaragua
yerba de guava blue fruit shrub south Mexico to Colombia
yerba mansa aquatic herb US, Mexico
yerba mate a hot drink mainly Argentina
YERBA- SEE HIERBA alternate spellings  
yesterday today and tomorrow flowering shrub widely planted from Brazil
yiguirro C.R. national bird Texas to Colombia
ylang-ylang fragrant flower tree pantropical from Asia
yolillo palm nut Nicaragua to Colombia
yolombo tree fruit Panama to Peru
yoyote flowering bush southern Mexico
yuca cassava, root pantropical from the Amazon
yuca galls leaf galls Amazon
yuca preparation to remove cyanide in the Amazon
yuca squeezers indigenous device Amazon
Yucca gigantea large yucca Mexico to Costa Rica
yuchan tree, flower northeast Cordillera
yuco del monte cotton pod tree Colombia to Costa Rica
yuyo weedy mustard widespread
yuyo, falso weed widespread
Zaedyus pichiy armadillo patagonian Argentina
Zamia furfuraceae cycad widespread from Mexico
Zamia neurophyllidia cycad Panama, Costa Rica
Zamia skinneri rare cycad western Panama
zamorano tanglepods mesoamerican name
zamorano unusual tree widely planted from Australia
zampullin cuellinegro eared grebe Canada to Guatemala
zanahoria del monte alpine herb Colombia to Peru
zanahoria silvestre weed widespread
zanate mexicano grackle south U.S. to Peru
zanca de tordo flowering bush southern Mexico to Colombia
Zanclostomus curvirostris bird Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo
Zantedeschia aethiopica calla lily worldwide from Sth. Africa
Zantedeschia jucunda golden calla arum south african origin.
Zanthoxylum melanostictum flowers, thorny trunk Mexico to Colombia
Zanthoxylum setulosum fat thorn tree trunks Costa Raica to Colombia
Zapatera statues large, indigenous carvings Nicaragua
zapatillas slipper orchids Costa Rica to Ecuador
zapatillo de diablo odd flowers Mesoamerica
zapatitios plant type Latin America
zapatito flower Patagonia
zaphiro comun butterfly southern Neotropics
zapitero moteado bird (godwit) widespread
zapote, South American zapote flower Colombia, northwestern Amazon
Zapotec culture southern Mexico
zarapito bird (whimbrel) widespread
zarapito piquilargo curlew, longbill Canada to Costa Rica
zarazparilla cordillerana wild currant central, south Chile
zarcilla flowering vine south central Chile
zarzaparilla flowering vine south Mexico to Panama
zebra bromeliad   Venezuela to Ecuador
zebra finch colorful bird Australia, east Indonesia
zebra longwing butterfly Mexico to Ecuador
zebra longwing, Mexican butterfly Mexico, southern U.S.
zebra plants white leaf veins now widespread
Zelurus sp. an assassin bug Ecuador
Zenaida asiatica white-winged dove North and Central America
Zenaida auriculata eared dove South America
Zenaida macroura mourning dove Canada to Panama
Zenaida meloda dove Peru, Chile
Zimbabwe creeper flowering vine pantropical from Africa
Zingiber spectabile flower, plant pan-tropical
Zingiber zerumbet flower pan-tropical
Zingiberaceae ginger family southeast Asia
Zingiberaceae ginger family central America
Zinnia peruviana flowers Peru, Bolivia, NW Argentina
Ziziphus mistol tree fruit Argentina, Bolivia
zompopas leaf-cutter ants Tropical Americas
Zonotrichia capensis sparrow widespread
zorilla bandera wild poinsettia Nicaragua to Bolivia
zorrinos skunks widespread
zorro rojo fox widespread
Zorro, Rio river mouth southwest Chiloe
zorzal austral thrush Chile, Argentina
zorzal dorsirrufo rufous-backed thrush pacific slope of Mexico
Zuccagnia punctata flowering bush semi-arid Argentina, Chile
Zygophyllaceae caltrop family southern Cordillera
Zygophyllaceae calrop family Mesoamerica