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The writer has done his best to identify the many species presented here.  He is not a botanist, however, and additionally it is not possible to identify many species with certainty from photographs.  Quite a few photos remain unidentified and there are undoubtedly errors.  On the other hand, many species have been given different names by different authorities, and all is in flux now while the whole nomenclature system is changing from one based on visible characteristics to one based on DNA.

There is little in the way of literature covering flora over major parts of Indonesia.  The senior text is Flora of Java (1963) by C.A. Backer and Bakhuizen van dan Brink.  Beside being dated and localized to one island, however, this is a technical text without illustrations, and trying to use a "key" system from a photograph seldom works.    The Mountain Flora of Java (2006), written by C.G.G.J. van Steenis is even more restricted in its area of treatment, but is lavishly illustrated and an enjoyable book.  An important new addition (2010) is the Trees of Tropical Asia, by James LaFrankie.

The flora presented in this web site are divided into 13 pages, which will be listed below with some of the botanical families covered.  Anyone searching for a specific species or genus would do better to look under the master index.



ASTERALES: Asterales and Apiales orders
                   Families: aster, carrot, ivy, elderberry, Goodeniaceae

ASTERID I:  Lamiales, Gentianales and Solanales orders
                   Families:  mint, verbena, acanthus, gesnerid, dogbane, Loganaceae, Rubiaceae, potato, and morning glory.

                   Families: Ginger, banana, Costaceae

ERICALES:  Families: heath, impatiens, Brazil nut, tea, Myrsinaceae.

                   Families:  rafflesia, spurge, passion flower, buttercup, lotus, Clusiaceae, Proteaceae.

MYRTLE & MALLOW  Myrtales and Malvales orders
                    Families: myrtle, mallow, leadwood, soapberry, cashew, mahogany, Melastomaceae
                                   and Simaroubaceae.

NEPENTHES  the pitcher plants




PRIMITIVE (non dicotyledons): fungi, ferns: aroids, Asparagaceae, Amarylidaceae.

ROSALES  Families: rose, fig, cucumber

UNPLACED & UNKNOWN   water lilies, Piperaceae and unidentified flora.