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The photographs presented in this web site, are free and without copyright. Unless otherwise indicated, they were all taken by Dick Culbert, while working in various parts of the world. He is solely responsible for the commentaries, and for the inevitable errors in identifications. Anyone with comments, gripes, observations or assistance in identification might send an e-mail note to (dixpix), which would be greatly appreciated.

A special thanks goes to George Horne for structuring this website and introducing the mysteries of Javascript.



Notes Regarding the Naming of Species

The common names for species of plants and animals tend to vary from locality to locality, and the scientific names (latin) tend to vary from authority to authority. To compound the problem, whole families, of flora especially, are presently being torn up and scattered as classification switches from being based on visible characteristics to reliance on DNA. Furthermore, it is not always possible to identify species from a photograph, especially for plants and insects. The author is neither a biologist nor a botanist, and while considerable effort has been made to correctly identify fauna and flora, there are no guarantees.  It is of interest that some biologists now believe that the concept of distinct 'species' may not be viable within the spectrum of genetic variation.