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The focus of this section of DIXPIX is actually TROPICAL MESOAMERICA, and with few exceptions is confined to a region from the southern half of Mexico to the highlands of Columbia and Ecuador.  This involves ten different countries, with all except Belize speaking spanish.

As with most tropical forests, the biodiversity is very high, and finding names (for the flora and insects especially), has been only partly successful.  Many species are quite local, but a large number of others range throughout the Neotropics, entering the Amazon Basin and beyond.  A few have become pantropical, spreading to warm regions around the world, generally with planned or accidental human  assistance.  In the same vein, the region has become host to many weeds and other world travellers from the forests of Asia and Africa, including some prominent pests.

in addtion, there is a somewhat dated sub-section on Cuba, based on a year of working in the eastern mountains of that troubled island.

America Central

This appoximates the area defined as Tropical Mesoamerica for purposes of this web site.