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There follows a list of plant families for which the writer has photos from the Southern Cordillera region.  If looking for a specific flower by its scientific or a widespread common name, it may be more convenient to use the main index.  For sources of information and comments on identification, please turn to the Flora Overview page.

                   FUNGI    This is a kingdom, not a family


                   ACANTHACEAE     the Acanthus Family

                   ADOXACEAE    the Moschatel Family

                   AIZOACEAE     the Ice-plant of Fig-marigold Family

                   ALISMATACEAE   the Water Plantain Family

                   ALLIACEAE     the Onion Family


                    AMARANTHACEAE     the Amaranth Family

                    AMARYLLIDACEAE    the Amaryllid Family

                     ANACARDIACEAE     the Cashew Family

                     APIACEAE     the Carrot Family

                     APOCYNACEAE     the Dogbane Family              

                     AQUIFOLIACEAE     the Holly Family

                     ARALIACEAE           the Ivy Familu


                      ARISTOLOCHIACEAE     the Dutchman's Pipe Family

                      ASCLEPIADACEAE     the Milkweed Family

                      ASTERACEAE     the Aster or Sunflower Family

                             - Cluster Flower Plants      
- Daisy-like Plants
                             - Dandelion-like Plants
                             - Senecios and Kin
                             - Sunflower-like Plants
                             - Thistles and Vines

                      BEGONIACEAE     the Begonia Family

                       BERBERIDACEAE     the Barberry Family

                       BIGNONIACEAE     the Bignonia Family

                       BOMBACACEAE   now in the Mallow Family

                       BORAGINACEAE     the Borage Family

                       BRASSICACEAE     the Mustard Family

                       BROMELIACEAE     the Bromeliad or Pineapple Family

                       BUDDLEJACEAE     now included in Figworts

                       CALYCERACEAE     the Calycanthus Family

                        CARYOPHYLLACEAE     the Pink Family

                        CACTACEAE     the Cactus Family

                                     LARGE CACTI

                                     SMALL CACTI


                        CAMPANULACEAE     the Bellflower Family

                        CARICACEAE     the Papaya Family

                         CELASTRACEAE    the Staff-tree or Bittersweet Family

                          CHENOPODIACEAE     the ex-Goosefoot Family

                          COMMELINACEAE     the Spiderwort Family

                          COLUELLIACEAE   now in Desfontainiaceae

                          COMPOSITAE     See Asteraceae

                           CONVOLVULACEAE     the Morning Glory Family


                           CRUCIFERAE     the Mustard Family

                            CUCURBITACEAE     the Cucumber or Gourd Family

                            CUSCUTACEAE     the Dodder Family, now in Convolvulaceae


                             CUPRESSACEAE    the Cypress Family


                             DIPSACACEAE     the Teasle Family


                             EPHEDRACEAE     the Ephedra Family

                             ERICACEAE     the Heath Family


                             EUPHORBIACEAE     the Spurge Family

                             FABACEAE     the Pea Family

                                       CAESALPINOID Sub-family

                                       MIMOSOID Sub-family

                                       FABOID Sub-family-- Herbs

                                       FABOID Sub-family-- Woody

                             FAGACEAE    the Chestnut Family




                             FUMARIACEAE     the Fumitory Family

                             GENTIANACEAE     the Gentian Family

                             GERANIACEAE     the Geranium Family

                             GESNERIACEAE     the African Violet Family

                            GROSSULARIACEAE   the Wild Currant Family

                             GUNNERACEAE     the Gunnera Family

                             HYDRANGEACEAE   the Hydrangea Family

                             HYDROPHYLLACEAE   the Waterleaf Family (defunct)

                             HYPERICACEAE    the St. Johns Wort Family

                             IRIDACEAE      the Iris Family

                             KRAMERIACEAE      the Ratany Family

                             LAMIACEAE     the Mint Family

                             LAURACEAE     the Laurel Family


                             LEGUMINOSAE    the Pea Family, see Fabaceae

                             LINACEAE     the Flax Family

                             LOASACEAE     the Evening Star Family

                             LOBELIACEAE   now under Campanulaceae

                             LORANTACEAE     the Mistletoe Family


                            MALVACEAE     the Mallow Family

                            MARTYNIACEAE    the Unicorn Plant Family



                            MORACEAE     the Fig Family

                            MYRTACEAE     the Myrtle Family


                            NOTHOFAGACEAE     the Southern Beech Family

                            NYCTAGINACEAE     the Four O'Clock Family

                           ONOGARACEAE     the Evening Primrose Family

                           ORCHIDACEAE      the Orchid Family

                           OROBANCHACEAE    the Broomrape Family

                           OXALIDACEAE    the Wood Sorrel Family

                           PAPAVERACEAE    the Poppy Family

                           PHILESIACEAE   the Copihue Family

                          PHRYMACEAE     the Lopseed (or Monkey Flower) Family

                          PHYTOLACCACEAE     the Pokeweed Family

                          PLANTAGINACEA     the Plantain Family

                          POACEAE     the Grasses


                          POLEMONIACEAE     the Phlox Family

                          POLYGALACEAE     the Milkwort Family

                          POLYGONACEAE     the Buckwheat Family

                          PORTULACACEAE     the Purslane Family

                          PRIMULACEAE     the Primrose Family

                          PROTEACEAE     the Protea Family

                          RANUNCULACEAE     the Buttercup Family


                          RHAMNACEAE     the defunct Buckthorn Family

                          ROSACEAE     the Rose Family

                          RUBIACEAE     the Coffee Family

                          RUTACEAE     the Citrus Family

                          SALICACEAE     the Willow Family


                          SAPINDACEAE     the Soapberry Family

                          SCROPHULARIACEAE    the battered Figwort Family

                          SOLANCACEAE     the Potato Family

                                  Potato and Tobacco Genera

                                  Other Genera

                          TAMARICACEAE     the Tamarisk Family


                           TROPAEOLACEAE     the Nasturtium Family

                           VALERIANACEAE     the Valerian Family

                           VERBENACEAE     the Verbena Family

                           VIOLACEAE     the Violet Family


                            ZYGOPHYLLACEAE      the Caltrop Family


                             UNIDENTIFIED, UNKNOWN