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As stated in the website introduction, the writer is not a Botanist; a fact which will be abundantly clear to any viewers who are experts on the flora of the Southern Cordillera.  In addition, it is often not possible to make exact determinations to species level from photographs. The species of many photos have been marked as approximate, and others have been taken only to the genus level.  When an unknown could be assigned with some certainty to a family, they have been entered on the appropriate page. 

Presented here are some residual cases for which the writer had no leads, but which are sufficiently distinctive that more informed readers will likely to be able to recognize at least some of them immediately.   As always, identifications for these, or errors on other pages, are welcome at dixpix.email.  In fact this page has been greatly reduced by the kind attention of John and Anita Watson, who identified several problem photos.


From the same semi-arid region, a vine with an unusual flower and packages of three winged, maple-like seeds.
In the same region, a tree with drooping branches.  Actually this is Muntingia calabura of the micro-family Muntingiaceae.  It crops up from the Caribbean to Bolivia, but is best known for its fruit.  It will be introduced under Central America, meanwhile we will let this one hide out here. Click to see big picture (640x429 pixels; 123 KB)
From Argentina's Salta Province, a tree which sprouts orange tube flowers. Click to see big picture (465x480 pixels; 63 KB)
From the Melado Valley of Chile, a mat-flower with four unequal petals. matflower
This weedy shrub with Bignonia-like flowers is common on roadsides near the coastal city of Chiclayo, Peru. Click to see big picture (578x480 pixels; 113 KB)
The most distinctive feature of this north Peruvian bush are the long pods which are festooned more or less vertically. Click to see big picture (640x375 pixels; 127 KB)
From the 4500 meter level in Ancash Province of Peru, this moncot mat displays flowers with three petals and three anthers.
Another bush with unusual flowers, this time from high in the Cordillera Negra of Peru. Click to see big picture (561x480 pixels; 115 KB)
Fuzzy seeds? on two species, one from Salta and the other from La Rioja Provinces of Argentina. Click to see big picture (640x453 pixels; 102 KB)
And while in La Rioja, a vine with rather unusual leaves. Click to see big picture (494x480 pixels; 69 KB)
Back to the mountains of central Peru for this bush with strange, green flowers. Click to see big picture (640x384 pixels; 85 KB)
A dainty pink trumpet flower from the Barranca area on the central coast of Peru. Click to see big picture (490x480 pixels; 96 KB)
And from nearby, a sprawling plant with distinctive flowers and habit. Click to see big picture (640x340 pixels; 92 KB)
Back to northern Peru for this triple-chin flower on a round, segmented stem.  Click to see big picture (440x480 pixels; 77 KB)
Big leaves and an unusual flower mark this sub-alpine specimen from central Peru. Click to see big picture (392x480 pixels; 124 KB)
This bush with fuzzy flowers is from 3500 meters altitude in the mountains southeast of Lima. fuzz flower
A bush with striking flowers and odd, hairy seeds, from the Cañete Valley of Peru. white bloom