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The Andes are often described as forming the backbone of South America.  This sector of DixPix contains photos of mountains from the southern Andes, basically from Bolivia and Peru south to Patagonia, and will likely be of interest mainly to fellow mountaineers.  It has been divided into seven sectors as follows:

     South Patagonia  (South of 48 deg. S. Latitude)

     Central Patagonia  (up to the Latitude of Coihaique and Puerto Aisen)

     Northern Patagonia (up to the Latitude of Puerto Montt and Bariloche)

     The Lake District  (37-42 deg. S. Latitude)

    Central Andes  (30-37 deg. Central with respect of Chile and Argentina)

    The Desert Ranges (north to the Peruvian border)

   Ranges of Peru and Bolivia.