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                                       SOUTHERN CORDILLERA   

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                          LIFESTYLES OVERVIEW

There are certain occupations that more less define a lifestyle, and which are colorful enough to provide photographic opportunities within the varied cultures of the Southern Cordillera.  It is necessary, of course, to differentiate between the miner and the mine owner, the rancher and the hired gauchos or the farmer from the agricultural workers.  All may work hard, but their situations and lifestyles are quite different.  That difference is widely blurred, however, by the subsistence farmer or herder, by the "gypo" miner or logger and by the fisherman with one small boat.  It is often these who are getting by on their own, but who lack the means to obtain modern equipment and who employ the more traditional skills and methods which appear "colorful" to gringo eyes.  Some aspects of this are treated under "Disappearing Ways", although their disappearance has been slower in Peru and Bolivia than farther south. 


                    DISAPPEARING WAYS
                    LIFE IN DRY LANDS
                    GAUCHOS AND HERDING
                     FISHING AND FISHERMEN